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  • Simon

    Just so cute. No doubt dubs would want to remind us of the whole "Lion / Lamb" thing, forgetting that most of these are an anomaly and not the norm.

    But watch and enjoy. I think the tiger and bear at the end maybe the ones that grew up together and were abused / rescued (there's a lion that lives with them too).

  • Magnum

    Yes, it is cute. I wish the whole world was like that. The JW teaching that the new world will be like that is one of the main things that appealed to me. I hate suffering and violence and brutality and, unfortunately, nature is filled with it. The anomalies in the video are very refreshing and heartwarming.

    We had a rabbit and cat that played together, chasing each other all over the yard, and a dog and a raccoon that slept in a bed together.

  • label licker
    label licker
    Loved it, Simon. If animals have food and there is no threat, they are awesome to hang out with. Each year we have a mama deer have twins in our bush. I caught hubby walking across the driveway with the chainsaw and who was following him a couple of feet away? The deer and her two babies. Our rotti didn't even care. He just watched. I've had a ground hog make a home in the dog kennel, a fox coming up to the back door, last spring I had a young buck stay for three weeks solid beside the house, I went up to an owl that was sleeping and took it's picture two inches away from its face, (Ill try and see if hubby can post all the owl pics I've taken that were right at the house) a horned owl right at my bedroom window, twin baby fawns at my kitchen window eating my flowers and staring at the tv,squirrels and chipmunks eating right out of my hands and the amount of birds that have needed help on cold cold nights. I can hold my bowl of bird seed in one hand and have about twenty chickadee and finches land on my arm. It's too bad we have to leave all this behind.
  • brandnew
    Just saw the commercial.....very very cute....

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