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  • LostAdam

    What are some flaws of the Bible that convince you that its not God's word. For example what about prophecies like Babylon or prophecies about Jesus birth and life that JW use to make you believe Bible is God originated? I'd appreciate your comments

  • jwundubbed

    So... you want me to believe in a work of fiction based on a mythical being? <blink> <blink>

    That was my first flaw and I thought it when I was 5 years old. As I grew up, I kept asking how anyone knew that the bible was real and I was told to pray about it.

    So... you want me to talk myself into believing that a fictional book written by a mythical being is real? <blink> <blink>

    No. That doesn't work for me.

  • stillin

    The flood. Really? So, one man, Noah got God's favor. And, coincidentally, so did his wife, his boys, and each of their wives. And nobody else? In the whole wide world? What were the odds of that?

    The timetable. Thousands of years before Jesus finally made the scene. Most of those years and by a huge margin, most people who lived during those years had no clue about the Biblical version of mankind's predicament. More often than not, if the Bible God "showed" Himself, it was to kill somebody or a group of people. Great. And people were supposed to worahip Him. Or else.

    The prophets. Actual conversations with God. Good for them! Now the rest of us have to listen to them, although there are hucksters mixed in. Beware! What can't God just tell each of us what He wants and save us some headaches? He's powerful. Things could be a lot clearer than they are.

    The present -day organization. Looks more like a business/cult. Continual hype and money-grubbing. God needs our money. He also needs us to make fools out of ourselves out in service. That's supposed to be an "opportunity" to stand up for what is right. Don't worry about the results of your efforts. Go, every week to the Witnessing Refresher Course and learn how to better present the message. Same results. After years! Same results. Actually the organization is in decline.

    The science. What science?

    Pretty much any way you look at it, it's flawed. Unless you just need something to believe.

    The morals are fine but the threat of death as an alternative to being a decent person isn't really motivating anybody from the heart. It's the same thing as man's laws with crime and punishment.

  • truth_b_known

    I took Astronomy to meet my science requisite for my general education credits in college (I went to a 2 year college in my early 20s while I was still in). I thought it would be all about planets and stars. It was mostly math.

    We learned of Kepler and how he discovered several planets in our solar system without even seeing them. His equations dealing with the orbit of a large celestial math and how they interact with each other led to his proving Jupiter, Saturn, and other planets existed.

    Years later I read something that dealt with the Great Flood of Noah's Day. It showed how much water was needed to cover the highest peaks on Earth. Based on the increased mass due to the water required and Kepler's equations, I knew it was scientifically impossible for the Flood to have taken place. It would have changed the Earth's orbit and the orbits of the other planets in our solar system.

  • Vidiot
    Lostadam - "What are some flaws of the Bible that convince you that its not God's word?"

    Gosh, where does one start?

    Oh, yeah... "In the beginning..."

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    Once upon a time is a great way to start a fairy story but in the beginning works just as well.

  • Crazyguy

    The false prophecies like the destruction of Tyre and Jeremiah starting at chapter 29. The mistakes in the first chapter of genesis and finally the different stories of Jesus birth and death as told in the 4 gospels.

  • ILoveTTATT2
  • Phizzy

    Nobody has been able to show me a Bible Prophecy, in truth written before the events mentioned, that came true in the terms written.

    Not one.

    In addition to the things mentioned by previous Posters, the glaring Scientific inaccuracies are simply too huge to ignore.

    The Bible is not a book of prophecy, and it is not inspired by god.

  • 2+2=5

    The Atheists Book of Bible Stories is gold. I like the account of Saul forgetting David.

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