Has anyone watched the movie "Stigmata"?

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  • WireRider

    Interesting movie about Biblical cover-ups. "No gospels in Jesus's own words." The Vatican, admittedly the largest collection of all Christian scrolls and documents, would split up pages between translators to keep it secret.

    Theme: "Split a piece of wood and I am there. Lift a stone and you will find me."

    Fictional - but practical. The Catholic Church tries to hide the fact that a Church is entirely unnecessary in order to have a relationship with God/Jesus.

    In the end he does find the Gospel of Jesus - that really discredits all churches in general as fakes and unneeded and unwanted.

  • Simon

    Yes, it's a decent movie, kind of like Supernatural meets the X-Files.

    There's also an alternate ending for it which I seem to remember is a bit darker than the release version.

  • Syme
    Interesting, I watched it just last night!

    Just a movie... and not a very good one in my opinion...

    .: "Split a piece of wood and I am there. Lift a stone and you will find me."

    I think that's from the gospel of Thomas. One of the rejected gospels because it wasn;t old enough, circulated enough and/or true enough to be a true gospel.

    Other rejected gospels include the gospel of Mary, of Peter, of Judas to name a few others. Interesting reading, but labeled as books not worthy enough for the bible cannon. Interesting that they used a Padre Pio look- a-like. Devout catholic priest who had the stigmata for decades according to his peers. Others thought he did it to himself.

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