Mom won’t get a blood transfusion with a bc of 7.

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  • Darkknight757

    Just beyond frustrated with my JW mother. She’s a prescription drug addict. She’s been that way since before I was born. She used to feed me pain drugs when I was a kid. She gave me shingles once when I was a teenager so she could get meds for herself cheap. She’s emotionally manipulative and abusive. She pretends to be a witless but swears like a sailor and keeps her high going all day with the 9 different pain killers she takes. She’s a horrible human being. She is my mother.

    I cannot believe that with a blood count of 7 that she will be around for very much longer. She does everything in her power to stay as sick as possible. Sadly the family just doesn’t care anymore. We have tried countless times to get her off the drugs and she just keeps going back. So all her kids have written her off. Sure we make sure she has food and a roof over her head but that’s it. I don’t even bring my daughter over because I can’t trust her to be safe.

    Anyways I had a long talk with her about the drugs and her blood count and that her only short term alternative now is a blood transfusion. But she won’t do it. She’s been “faithful for 46 years.” 🤨 Faithful my ass! Shes only doing this so we will feel sorry for her and you know what? I don’t anymore. She’s chose her drugs over her family again! She’s the reason why I won’t take pain meds. I’m deathly afraid I’ll end up like her.

    Rant over. Just needed to get this off my chest.

    Heres a recent pic of Izabella.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    What a cute little girl. From what I see I your thumbnail, she looks a lot like you.

    What a sad situation you are in. But from what you say, she is enjoying being a martyr. Strange isn't it. But she's is who is and you have to save yourself.

  • nicolaou

    Hard to know what to say, sorry you're being put through this.

  • sparky1

    "She is a horrible human being. She is my mother." - Darkknight757

    In the year 2000, my mother died. She was a very difficult person. Dyed in the wool, fanatical, god intoxicated, Jehovah's Witness indoctrinated religious zealot. She would not take blood, either. My mother was in the hospital for about 4 months most of that time in critical care. When she was lucid she continued to be difficult even though I helped make all her medical decisions and was with her almost every day. The doctors were respectful of her not taking blood, but a physicians assistant told me that 'I was killing my mother' because I would not override her refusal to take blood. She aspirated one night and nearly choked to death. From that point on, she was 'brain dead' and I had to sign the paperwork to unhook her from life support. I have both empathy and sympathy for your situation. Sometimes our parents don't realize what they put us through. I hope for your sake that she goes peacefully and that you needn't carry more of her personal burdens than necessary. Best of luck to you and don't take the process and outcome too hard. She is an adult and made her own life choices.

  • LV101

    What a doll baby -- dressed to the Princess 9s!

    So sorry - science can't even help them at times/sad. I know it's still your Mom no matter but once I was resolved to 'let people be who they are' it saved me lots of distress and as you've indicated you're all in reality and have stopped the madness. My egg donor was no JW but too bad we didn't have the med cocktail the memory care facility has - families suffer and institutions receive help. Science is a beautiful thing once applied.

    Keep care of you and yours.

  • Biahi

    Sorry you are in this situation. Has your moms drug problem come to the attention of the elders?

  • Darkknight757

    My father-in-law is her overseer and I had to let him and my Mother-in-law know what was going on with her because she called and said some nasty things to them recently. I guess mom wanted to do phone territory but wouldn’t meet with her congregation. She asked for some territory and he said no and she got pissed.

    Anyhoo they were over recently to see the little one and they asked if mom was ok and I let them know the whole deal with her. They hardly have had contact with her since the wife and I married 20 years ago. The family dynamic is strange.

    So the short answer is yes, the elders know that she’s a lying druggie. Not sure if they will do anything about it. Probably not.

  • wannaexit

    Sorry about your situation, but you have a beautiful baby

  • dubstepped

    Sorry man, if only our parents were good people just because they gave birth to us. Sadly that's not the case. You've put up with a lot, and often a person in your situation ends up as a codependent. You have better things to take care of like yourself, your wife, and that little girl. Sometimes you have to let go. Sorry you've been through so much and got so little in return.

  • smiddy3

    Sorry about your situation ,however you have your own family to focus on ,and sorry but you cant help stupid people even if they are family members who cant take practical advice to save themselves.

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