If you had to start life again what employment would you choose?

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  • dogon

    I would have paid atten. to school and collage. I would have told the cult to go fuck themself at 15yo. Fucking asshats. I came from an abusive home that trained me to be an abusive husband. The cult would send us to a carpenter or plumber or worse for counseling. I say that because most of my cong. was in the building trades. We were told not to even think of outside counseling. My father was physically and emotionally abusive. My mother was one of those Norman Bates girls are dirty people and a devoted hova nut. It took me years to self analyze and learn that even though I came from this it was no excuse. I had to change. Its an ongoing road. Learning to respect my wife and others. I even used to have no empathy for animals. Now I have stopped hunting as I just don't want to kill living things. This does not apply to snakes and insects. I am very bitter in how much damage the cult has done to my life. With proper guidance I could have been miles ahead of where I am now. At least I never listened to them about not worrying about saving money for retirement.

  • someDUDEinAsmallCubicalSomewhereOverTheRAINBOX
  • James Brown
    James Brown

    From a United States perspective. I would join the Coast Guard or the Navy and see the world. While serving 10 to 15 years I would get a college degree online. Then I would get a teaching certificate to finish out my work life and settle down.

    I am 65 now and in hind sight, I did all right having an "Awake magazine" equivalency education. But I would not recommend that to anyone in this day and age.

    If you go into the service aka Coast Guard, Navy at 18 your pension starts then. If you stay in public service as a public school teacher your pension continues so you will have 35 years of work in by the time you are 53.

    Then you will be free to do whatever you want or work some more.

    I have been retired since I was 59 and within limits I can do whatever I want. If I had 10 million dollars I would not do things much different. I play soccer 4 to 5 times a week and play my guitar and make music every day.

    If I had millions of dollars, I might drive a Porsche instead of a Toyota and I might live in a mansion instead of a cottage. But the mansion would not be anymore comfortable and the Porsche would not get me there any faster or better.

    You have to do the speed limit.

    I eat as good as I want, which most of the time is vegetables and grains. That wouldn't change if I had 100 million dollars. I might have somebody cook it for me. But then what would I do?

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    James: I encouraged my son to join the Coast Guard, it was rough times for us he raised as a JW and me Walked away from the borg. He was having a rough time adjusting to the evil world. What a difference the Coast Guard made in him, 6years.... He saw the world and it opened his eyes. I served in the Army (1966-1968) before becoming a JW so I knew what serving in the military was about, and the benefits..The best thing that happen to my son, serving in the CG...........But if could start life over, Archaeologists.......

  • JWdaughter

    I left young, but never had confidence to write what I wanted to. Rejection is a big theme in my life. I could still do what I want, but that demon hasn't been exorcized. Every time one of you make rude or even challenging comments to or about me, my thin skin hemmorhages.

  • 08out

    I would of liked to serve in the military ,even for a short time,like the rest of my family and friends.I would do what I do now ,but would have done a much better job of saving for retirement. (Just around the corner ) bull shit

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