Considering God's 'failure'

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  • TerryWalstrom

    I once read someplace that mankind has passed through four stages of World Views as to how life really is and how to deal with it.

    Stage 1 is SUPERSTITION
    Thunder, lightning, earthquakes, winds, and nature itself was anthropomorphized (humanized) into ghosts, gods, spirits, etc.
    with unseen powers and these entities had to be appeased.
    Magic words, incantation, and elaborate astral / astrological concepts developed to predict and comprehend the mysteries.
    Stage 2 is RELIGION which built superstitious ideas into a BIG STORY with causes and effects and RITUALS for gaining favor with the gods.
    Stage 3 is PHILOSOPHY whereby rational thinking and logic were applied to naturalistic, mechanical, reasonable guidelines for thinking within limits sought to codify the world, mainly to answer the question: What do we know and how do we know it?
    Stage 4 is SCIENCE (additionally technology)
    The age of measurement and testing cleaned out much of the crap which crept into philosophy and religion and a remarkable METHODOLOGY arose: the Scientific Method.
    Falsifiability was a brilliant conception: Truth Statements must be stated in such a way they can be tested and falsified by contrary proof and facts. Nothing was sacred when everything was testable.

    The New Testament relied a great deal on the writings of Plato and much of Jesus' character borrows heavily from Socrates (especially answering a question with a question) and Neo-Platonic philosophy is all over New Testament structure and 'reasoning'. In fact, Aristotle was a huge influence on the writings of St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas were huge fans of Greek philosophy and of Aristotle.

    The result was a weirdly impressive systematic theology which made Christianity appear to be founded on a much higher level of superstition than previous efforts.

    Unfortunately, after the Reformation and Renaissance science grew by leaps and bounds and overtook Catholic theology and the crimes against Galileo and other scientific genius dimmed the reputation of religious superiority and marginalized educated arguments into mere fluffy apologetics.

    The Watchtower religion fooled the hell out of me and I was pretty intelligent--but scientifically uneducated--and consequently a pushover for the "plausible" authority of Bible Verse smackdowns.

    The first important thing I did when I left JW's was to educate myself in Philosophy and Science which pulled that curtain WAAAAY back and revealed the tiny frauds scampering about in the Governing Body pulling levers and making scary authoritarian sounds.


    Jehovah God now stands naked and shivering in the cold light of constant disproof of His silly pronouncements.

  • smiddy3

    Well he put two perfect humans in the Garden of Eden and that failed .

    He created Angels in the heavens as perfect beings and that failed

    And he is still powerless to correct anything here on earth to this day ,so that`s another failure.

    It makes you wonder ,who is the Almighty God ,Jehovah or Satan.?

  • Vidiot

    God's not perfect!

    (Just don't tell Him that, or he'll get pissed off.)

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