Rumor that SP OVER 50 are being put back in the system.

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  • notjustyet

    just read this over on JWR that a few members have heard that SP that were being told that they were being cut at the first of the year are now being put back in the system.

    The speculation is that they would have a harder time finding employment than those under 50.

    Anyone else able to confirm this?

    Its probably a good thing as the WTBTS will lose that money, these older ones will still be able to make it and the WTBTS have shown their hand as far as this is what they would have liked to have happen. Also they show that they are reactive to input from members and they are not thinking through their game plan enough since they are making decisions and then reversing them within a few weeks.


  • blondie
    SP is that your personal abbreviation for Special Pioneers? Not all jws or ex-jws know what that means.. to the topic though I doubt many worked enough to qualify for Social Security in the US. But I doubt they will be rolling in the dough. Hopefully they have friends and/or family that will help them out. That is what happened to Ray and Cynthia Franz. At least many SPs (sic) know how to live a frugal life.
  • KateWild

    I don't think WT are going to be making any u-turns. Once they make a decision they normally stick to it. Humility and charity are not qualities WT display

    Kate xx

  • TheListener

    I agree Kate unless we see something in writing stating they made a u-turn in their decision I bet they didn't. However, the u-turn story or rumor may be the way some publishers are dealing with the cognitive dissonance.

  • Vidiot

    KateWild - "...Humility and charity are not qualities WT display."

    Humility and charity aren't even qualities they're familiar with.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Yes, I just checked and it is on Cedar's site. Usually Cedar's site is quite credible.

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