Please help.... depressed jw teen

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  • smiddy3


    Welcome to the board ,

    "If I leave my family will be torn apart". Do you want to live your life based on what your family want`s you to do ?

    Or do you want to live your life based on what you want to do ?

    Its your life and only you have to live it nobody else ,do what you want to do.

    Your nearly 18 so make plans to adopt some of the good advice that`s already been given you here on this site ,don`t rush it ,take your time and plan your exit well.

    I wish you well

    Take care.

  • naomidangerlee

    Hey huniepie - your story breaks my heart - I have nieces that are in your situation with home schooling and pioneering etc, and I cannot bear the thought that they might feel like you. As far as I know they are devout still though.

    I am the disassociated aunt they haven’t seen in 10 years and so I do the occasional stalk on social media to check on them

    All i can say is talk to people where you can, like here, reach out to your cousin if you can. And remember you are not alone <3

    feel free to PM me If you want someone to talk to.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Try to make the best of your situation at home. Having a plan of eventual escape to normalcy will make it easier to bear until you are ready to leave.

    And by faith I say, God understands your predicament and is for you.

  • Vidiot

    I'll give you the same advice I give every kid like you who comes here with a similar story (and looking back, there've been quite a few over the years)...

    ...start quietly building a support group of friends and acquaintances outside the religion, and see if you can find and start building relationships with any potentially sympathetic "worldly" relatives.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Welcone to the forum. I'm deeply sympathetic to your plight. Unfortunately your home schooling has impeded you from developing friendships outside the constricted realm of the JWs. You need to bide your time until you are legally independent of your parents and use the intervening time to explore the options available to you. Don't despair, there are many here who are willing to help.

  • scruffmcbuff

    My heart broke reading that. Such ambition and drive!

    Dont let the JW kill that passion. Yes it will be hard... but this board is full lf information and support to help you through it. You got your whole life ahead of you. Start making plans NOW!

  • jesscd

    A couple of questions. Are you close to completing your homeschooling with a high school diploma? That would be a great goal. Is it possible for you to pursue part time employment outside the home to make extra money and save (non jw employment)? Also, have you ever asked your parents about pursuing any type of education after finishing your homeschooling to be able to be self-sufficient within the realms of what jw's deem as ok. This might be a wait to get a step out the door so to speak. I feel for you. I was you. I was homeschooled from the age of 8. Baptized early and isolated from all outside influences. But I was able to first attend a local community college and that was the stepping stone I needed to find my way away from the organization. It wasn't always easy and it was a long tedious journey but it was worth it.

  • huniepie


    I will graduate with a highschool deploma soon, the homeschool I’m in is online but connected to a real public school. They will let me go to community college and I’ve FINALLY convinced them to let me get a job. If it was just up to my mom she wouldn’t let me but my dad says I can.

  • Biahi

    Someone “disliked” my comment...I was trying to see if I could offer shelter to her, or other assistance...if she was near me. In other words, in the Midwest USA.

  • huniepie

    For people wondering I do live in the US. I live in the southwest. Also I have about 6 and half months till I turn 18

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