Hope and Reality

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  • Alive!

    For a long time, I've been moving into a place of utmost hope and faith. Universal reconciliation.

    As a converted JW - I began my conversion with the joy that there is a hope for something we all would love - a world where each of us sees our fellow kind as a true brother.

    I don't think that's an unhealthy way to live.

    But - I'm living with the effects of corruptive thinking from a 'sect' - a divisive sect and judgemental sect that has hurt my sense of self.

    It's terribly painful to have completely believed one thing, and then completely believe something else.... Well that's how it feels to me.

    I've read of some here who were JWs for years, then became devout born agains for years and now are confirmed atheists.


    How do you cope with the frivolous nature of your 'beliefs' - beliefs that were 'truths' for you in their own time.

    I'm struggling - anyone else?

    The only 'truth' I want to hold is about hope and life for all of us.

    But, I struggle with the shame I feel for falling into a cult. How do others cope?

  • Landy

    There's nothing wrong with altering your beliefs. Your beliefs should be dictated by the things we learn, we should always be learning therefore our understanding is going to alter as we are able to reason more based on our current knowledge and understanding.

    It's those that are unwilling to change; those that are unwilling to look outside their own narrow interpretations; those that cling to beliefs like a sinking ship that I feel sorry for.

  • Divergent


    I struggle with the shame I feel for falling into a cult.

    Don't focus on the shame. Be proud of the fact that you found the courage to do something about it!

  • Bonsai
    Hope and belief are a luxury that many draw comfort from. They don't stop the grim reaper though. Lose your shame and move on with your life. We are conscious for but a brief moment. We are but a flicker of a shadow from the perspective of a rock - here an instant and gone just as fast. See the colors, smell the fragrance of the earth, laugh with your loved ones and glare defiantly at your mortality. Every second we breath is precious. Every day that we wake up, everyday that our molecules manage to hold together so as to give us consciousness, these are opportunities to do good and give meaning to others.
  • pbrow

    I agree with Divergent. You woke up! That is incredible considering how "well oiled" the jw machine is. I went through the entire process of questioning jw beliefs, then christianity & the bible and then god. When you start to realize that no one has access to a "supernatural realm" it starts to erode the "authority" that jw's and religion in general have.

    There is nothing wrong with changing long held views when the evidence forces to you to change them. Pretty soon you will just have passing moments of clarity (read: facepalm) about how stupid/arrogant/petty and judgemental you once were. Stay humble and keep learning!


  • Darkknight757

    Bonsai said it beautifully. Keep learning about life and let go of those false hopes. Just because there is no "paradise" doesn't mean you can't enjoy the gift of life that you have now!!

    Do good onto others and be good to yourself. Study about the origins of life and how amazing it truly is. Always keep your eyes focused forward. Don't look back.

  • cofty
    How do you cope with the frivolous nature of your 'beliefs' - beliefs that were 'truths' for you in their own time.

    It's easy. Be determined to follow the evidence wherever it leads. Our previous beliefs depended on appeals to false authority and restricting access to opposing evidence.

    Leaving the cult and becoming a christian means you have ring-fenced some core beliefs and avoided scrutinising them thoroughly.

    Most people in this situation have fooled themselves into thinking they have examined all their beliefs - they haven't.

    Don't make the mistake of trying to choose your beliefs. Just keep exposing yourself to the facts with an open mind and your beliefs will take care of themselves without you even noticing.

  • Alive!

    Thanks for all your comments.

    Much appreciated - it's all a weird and sometimes not so wonderful roller coaster ride.

    I'm so grateful that my husband and I survived together.

  • LisaRose

    The realisation that the Watchtower was not the truth caused me to reexamine everything I once believed, that examination proved to me beyond doubt that God didn't exist. It was hard at first, I felt a loss, a belief system that made me belief the bad in the world would be fixed. But as time went by it got better and I could never go back to believing something just because it makes me feel better, or because the real truth is unpalatable. I would rather have reality.

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