Pale.Emperor Meets A Born Again Christian

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  • careful

    Thanks for relating that. Yep, the first one sounded real hardcore.

    Picture this one: I knew a Jewish chap who decided to take a day off from family and work, get a seat on a fishing boat mainly for tourists, and go out to sea to fish for the day. Once he got out there, he discovered all the other non-crew members on board were born-againers. When they found out he was Jewish, they laid into him for the entire day, vainly attempting to "save" him. He recalled it to me as one of the really harrowing days of his life.

  • pale.emperor

    The ones who shout about Jesus and hell seem to just love being confronted. They shout back at them via a microphone and i do wonder if they're being that way on purpose.

    I also hate that they tend to play bible readings by Alexander Scourby or hymns through a 1990s ghetto blaster at high volume. If you want to convince me of anything you need to calmly and rationally talk through your reasoning point by point. Noise and showy displays are just pointless.

  • smiddy3

    There are things you "just know" are wrong isnt there? That was put in there by God. We were made in his image.

    I think i would have said something like :Maybe that`s why their are so many wars on this earth ,the God of the Bible was constantly instructing the Israelites to exterminate this nation or that Nation ,man woman and child mind you, when he wasn`t destroying all life on earth except for a few species in the flood.

    The God of the Bible is guilty of killing or having sanctioned the killing of more millions of people either directly or indirectly than Satan has ever been guilty of I think his last count was about 10 individuals.

  • punkofnice
    Of all the religions out there one religion that's always filled me with exasperation was the Born Again Christian belief system.

    The last church I ever went to was a born again one. the people were nice enough but had some really bonkers beliefs. Some of which I think were just ways to make themselves feel special. Like speaking in tongues.....they were making it up.

    To make matters worse, the street preachers i see and hear here in Liverpool always tend to be crack pot, loud mouths, attention seeking and just plain annoying.

    Not just Liverpool, mate.

    First man is standing outside a closed up BHS store in town. He's carrying a giant wooden cross, wearing sweatpants, a coat that's 2 sizes to big for him and he's shouting down a microphone

    Now that would have been an hilarious photo.

    The atheists are allowed to preach!

    Scratch that last comment....I meant video.

    Him: So you see. How do you know whats moral?

    Oh, that boring old chestnut!

    Him: Think about it. Without Jesus your life has no meaning. What keeps you from just killing yourself?

    Him: But then you die.

    Me: Yes

    Him: And then what?

    Me: And then im dead.

    He needs to read Schopenhauer. Always makes me smirk at least.

    Him: We cant always understand perfect justice. But a righteous God cant allow sin to go unpunished.

    I just threw my breakfast up. what a walley.

    We had a nice little chat...

    Good man.

    and he was surprised at how well i actually knew the bible and could recite the scriptures back to him as he was saying them to me from memory.

    Don't tell him you used to be a Jobo.....he might join them.

    I'm still an atheist. Still happy. But I'm glad that there is at least 1 Born Again preacher in town that isn't shouting at me telling me I'm going to burn in hell.

    Let's hope he never does.

    I enjoyed reading about this, Paley. Perhaps I miss those a$$embĀ£y experiences...wink wink.

    Lettice snow if you get any more 'experiences(tm)'. You seem more rational than I'd be with them than I'd care to be.

    thanks for posting it, whack.

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