Witnesses and Marines

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  • Grunt

    Things about the Jehovah's Witnesses that remind me of the Marine Corps

    1. Both demand conformity in hair cuts, dress and attitudes, failure to conform will bring disciplinary action and forestall

    2. Both try and isolate you from the world, though only for three months at Parris Island, a lifetime with the Witnesses.

    3. Both talk insultingly about other groups, and disparage the abilities of the competition using nicknames like "Squid,"
    "Airdale" "Worldling" and "Apostate." Marines will call them names to their faces though, while Witnesses won't.

    4. Both show great loyalty, though Ex-Marines continue to show this loyalty and Ex-Witnesses rarely do.

    5. Both try to tear people down and build them new personalities, neither are very successful over the long run though
    the Marines do manage to instill in most a real love of firepower. Thieves remain thieves, ex-Marine thieves are better
    with weapons though.

    6. Both are insulting toward things you used to love and hold sacred. Marines frequently make nasty remarks about your
    parentage and homelife, Witnesses usually attack your former religion and its priests or ministers. The Marines quit
    after training, the Witnesses continue for your lifetime insisting that you agree and participate.

    7. Both anticipate the destruction of their enemies and revel in the thought though the Marines take more joy in describing
    just how they will do it and the Witnesses are more mercenary about it, thinking of the property they will get from
    the dead. I never heard any Marine talk about looting the way I have heard Witnesses. Marines anticipate doing
    the killing themselves whereas Witnesses think Jehovah will do the dirty work and the Witnesses are thinking on a
    global slaughter scale whereas the Marines deal with it on a much more limited basis as in the Japanese Empire,
    The German Army, the North Koreans or the Viet Cong. Despite favorable kill ratios with all of these they never
    approached the level of slaughter the Witnesses dream of.

    8. Both have harsh punishments. Marines will torture you at Parris Island or in the brig, strip you of rank and give
    dishonorable discharges to those judged guilty of a serious crime before a jury in an open court. Witnesses will
    strip you of all you love, parents, siblings, life-long friends, in a judicial committee before which you have no rights
    other than the right to repent. If you do not repent you are condemned for life and condemned to death. Though
    as in the slaughter of the worldlings, they will let Jehovah kill you. They will just shun you, and all other Witnesses
    who don't shun you. It is, however, much easier for Marines to avoid trouble as the rules are spelled out in the UCMJ.
    For Witnesses the rules are always changing and frequently the opposite of those stated to the public at large in

    9. Both have two groups, an officer corps and enlisted (in Witnesses: Anointed and the Great Crowd) with vastly different
    treatment and privileges. High ranking Marine officers get their own homes, cars with drivers and helicopters.
    Anointed Witnesses don't get the helicopters.

    10. Both as organizations have clear cut ideas as to what they are to achieve and are willing to inflict death and
    destruction on all defined as enemies, the Marines are more selective as to who the enemies are. They don't
    include women, children, and other non-combatants. As stated above Witnesses have a more thermonuclear,
    "let GOD kill them all AND sort them out" approach.

    11. While both groups have heroes, the heroes of the Witnesses are mostly ancient biblical characters like David (who by
    the way would have made a great Marine) and Gideon (he was drafted so would not be a part of the all volunteer
    Marine Corps we have today unless a judge ordered him to either join up or go to the pen), not many contemporary
    heroes that all Witnesses know and recognize. Marines have Chesty Puller (God Bless you Chesty Puller, Where
    ever you are!) and countless others who wrapped themselves around grenades and such and are commemorated by
    bldgs. and things. (John Wayne, a movie Marine,was commemorated by a small c-rat can opener)

    12. Both listen to the same music over and over but the Marine Corps Hymn is much better to march to and I would say
    all in all a better peice of music than #54 or the others I have heard.

    13. Both have emblems, the Marines have the fouled anchor and the globe with an eagle above it, the Witnesses
    have a big stone Watchtower off some ancient city wall.

    14. Both have records they love to brag about. The Marines have fought all over the world and killed the enemy at a
    tremendous ratio. In one battle on Guadalcanal during repeated Japanese charges and in close fighting
    they killed 1400 Japanese to 70 or so Marines. They love to point to Belleau Wood, The Frozen Chosin, Iwo Jima,
    Inchon, as examples of who they are and why they exist. The Witnesses like to point to all the times they
    have been killed, banned or persecuted, like in Germany, Malawi and the U.S.A. for refusing to fight, give blood or

    15. Both love nicknames. Marines like to refer to themselves in a number of ways from Lean, Green, Fight'en Machine, to
    Mean, Green, Amphibious M. F.ers, and to their organization as The Corps (unless they are mad at it when they call
    it Uncle Sam's Malignant Crotch, or Crotch just for short) Witnesses like to call themselves The Brothers or Friends.
    The Witnesses refer to their organization as The Organization or The Society, unless angry with it in which case they
    can no longer be Witnesses and what they call it then is immaterial as they are no longer Witnesses. (The Borg is
    popular among some ex-witnesses.)

    16. Both do give standards of comparison for the rest of
    their lives. A Marine broken down in the desert with loved ones would think, I can do this, I have been in worse
    situations. An ex-Witness might say, hey, at least they are talking to me, I have been in worse situations.

  • RedhorseWoman

    and both are misognyistic.

  • waiting

    Hey Grunt!

    Thanks for the post - the likenesses are astounding. Were you a Marine? Do you have tatoos? Are they macho looking?

    My son - a x-jw has a Joe Cool. Another comparison?

    I'll just ignore Red - she said she ignores me on a regular basis - I just don't understand the word she used. She's showing off for you. Don't fall for it......


  • crashfire451

    Outstanding break down. I personally hadn't thought much of the likenesses beyond the indoctrination aspect. Though I ceased thinking of myself as an 'ex-jw' a couple of years ago, once a Marine......

  • SixofNine

    marking for future reference

  • carla

    Read what cult expert Margaret Singer had to say about those like you who compare the Marines to a cult here


    As a proud mom of a Marine you are completely ignorant of what Marines really are or do. When a Marine decides to leave the Corps they leave with many skills and not just in weaponry, they leave with many benefits as well, current Marines do not shun them for leaving, I could go on about what people get out of the being the Corps but you in your ignorance will never research on your own so why bother. Shame on you, what's the matter? couldn't make it through boot camp? that's if they even let an ignoramous like you in in the first place?

  • cameo-d

    Another similarity....the Citadel has a WatchTower logo!

  • crashfire451

    Carla, I doubt any disrepect was intended. I don't think anyone doubts the differences between the two, or the fact that most former Marines are better people for having gone through the training and serving in whatever capacity they did. As a proud Marine and Veteran, I didn't take offense in any way to the comparison, instead it made me smile and even laugh a couple of times. I took it as tongue-in-cheek, as I believe it was intended. There is no doubt an indoctrination process, and a breaking down and building up during time on The Island (or The Beach for you Hollywood Marines) yet I think Grunt did a good job of pointing out that while there are surface similarities, the differences in practice and lasting effect - positive vs. negative - become obvious when you look into it.

    Perhaps I'm mistaken regarding his motives, and if so my bad. However if he is a Marine, then clearly referring to him as ignorant and not capable of lasting through phase three seems a bit harsh.

  • Mad Dawg
    Mad Dawg

    Boot camp in any branch of the armed forces is about stripping one of individuality and forming them into a team.

  • carla

    Crashfire, you are correct. My apologies to the poster of this eight year old thread (which I didn't notice until well after the 10 min edit rule). Living with a jw (and also a not so proud Marine parent as jw's could never be proud of their children) I admit in all likelyhood I did project my anger at my own jw who takes his snipes at the Marines when possible, that was not fair of me and I am sorry. I do urge people to read and at least consider what Margaret Singer had to say about the differences between the two. She said she was asked this question so often she carried the answer in her purse! At any rate my Marine was at Parris Island and will benefit from many things learned in the Corps as well as $ for education. You can imagine the difficulty in our home with a jw as a Marine parent. I know many Marines come out less than enthusiastic about the entire experience but many years later they often will say they are still glad and proud to say they were a US Marine. I thank you for your service Crashfire, wish all our service people were home. Semper Fi

    My sincere apolgogies for my bad and uncalled for behavior towards Grunt, carla

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