When they drop around...

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  • zeb

    If/when jw drop around to have a coffee or meal what do they talk about?

  • oppostate

    Anything and everything except the Christian faith's belief in Jesus as the Christ.

  • Darkknight757

    We had a slew of elduuurs come by a few months ago to “see the baby” and they talked about everything but “the truth”. They only once mentioned that we need to think about our eternal future and that of our child.

    I told them that I am LOL!!!!

  • ttdtt

    The very few occasions someone dropped by (I have been busy or just avoided it).

    I have reasons for not wanting to talk to them beyond the normal reasons. (my "fellow" elders especially)

    I have a very interesting story about my fade - though I don't trust putting it here in detail.

  • ToesUp

    "They only once mentioned that we need to think about our eternal future and that of our child.

    I told them that I am LOL!!!!"


    I would have responded exactly as you did. That was perfect!!!! Getting and keeping your kid out of a cult is saving them from an eternal future of abuse and lies. Great response!

    We are happy that your child is doing great!!!!

  • tiki

    They drop around???? They avoid us like the plague!!😁

  • WTWizard

    High time to learn a new language, preferably one that is rarely spoken in your area. In America, French and Spanish are common--and many use Italian (which is similar enough to Spanish so that someone speaking Italian can be understood by someone that is good in Spanish if you speak clearly enough). If you are in Europe, most people know someone that speaks English even in countries where it is not the official language.

    I wonder how well the hounders can conduct an interrogation session if you speak German in America or Afrikkans in Europe. In Asia or Australia, you can try learning any of the Slavic languages or Swedish or Icelandic. It takes time, but if you befuddle the hounders during an interrogation or judicial session, it may be worth it.

    I will also add that, with Jupiter entering Sagittarius on November 8, this might be high time to learn a new language.

  • Phizzy

    No JW ever comes around in a social way, and for a long time they have not knocked the door when in F.S.

    But when I have had contact with my JW family, a couple of the older ones, independently of each other, offered the idea that JW's were "the true religion".

    I refrained from pointing out that "true" and "religion" being in the same sentence is a great example of an Oxymoron. But the attempt by them seemed to be more to reassure themselves, they cannot understand that I lead a happy and fulfilled life without their religion.

  • ssn587

    They avoid me like the plague too thankfully

  • stillin

    A couple of them have pulled scriptures out of their a**es. One sister went on about the GB being God's spokesmen, a present-day Moses. My wife said that she just wants to follow Jehovah and the sister slipped up and said that Jehovah is following the GB. Oops!

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