JW Writing Committee has a dilemma with Stephen's prayer

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  • EasyPrompt

    "It's in there" during the commercial messages sprinkled throughout the "love"...

    ("Weeds" sprinkled among the "wheat")

    Jesus is coming to remove the weeds, and the "writers/publishers" of weeds.

  • Fisherman

    Not at all see Marginal References on Acts 7:60i n the NWT Study Bible. —Notwithstanding that WT might have had different explanations of the verse in the past as SBF also explains.

  • Gman2001

    They were in the very act of killing Stephen, rocks striking his head....he prayed to Jesus....pure and simple.

  • slimboyfat

    Well if we are being stoned to death, see a vision of Jesus next to God, and feel moved to speak directly to Jesus then I don’t suppose there would be anything wrong with that at all. On the other hand, in terms of prayers at meetings, and private prayers, it seems reasonable to follow Jesus’ instruction to pray to God in Jesus’ name as was the practice of the first Christians.

    The practice of praying direct to Christ in the Liturgy, as distinct from praying to God through Christ, appears to have originated among the innovating 'orthodox' opponents of Arianism in the fourth century. It slowly spread, against a good deal of opposition, eventually to produce Christocentric piety and theology.

    Don Cupitt ‘The Christ of Christendom’ in The Myth of God Incarnate (1977), John Hick Ed., page 142.

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