Plasma treatment for COVID-19

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  • frozen2018

    Saw on the news a story about using plasma from people who have recovered from COVID-19 being used to treat people who have COVID-19 via transfusion. Well, if that proves to be effective, I guess it would really stink to be a JW! Maybe the governing body would decree that in instances of COVID-19, AND ONLY WITH COVID-19, the whole "no blood" thing would be ignored. Or maybe they will say plasma is a factor of blood that is a matter of conscience.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    A JW who recovered from Covid 19 and has the antibodies as usual wouldn't be able to donate his blood to help others but thank goodness for them, accepting blood fractions with Covid19 is a conscience matter.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Hey if the GB can declare that Covid-19 makes it's unnecessary to "gather together for THE MOST important day of the year", the memorial, well then they might just be able to find some very obscure scripture buried in one of the books of the minor prophets that will allow emergency blood transfusion due to Covid-19!

    What the hell if you can break one commandment to save lives, why not another to save lives!

    just saying!

  • Simon

    The problem with serum treatments is scaling them up. They may be a good option to have for some though, having options is never a bad thing.

  • WTWizard

    Just one more thing in the list of things to fight this illness. And, one more that jokehovian witlesses are going to put artificial barriers around.

    My idea: Multiple layers of protection. First, trying to avoid getting it in the first place. Going door to door, even if one is doing so because the hounder-hounder is being too pious, is a sure way to get it. Then, it is spread in whatever car groups are around. If they try holding in-person boasting sessions too soon, they risk having the whole congregation pick up the disease. Not going could mean not getting it at all, and then not having to worry about plasma treatment.

    The next layer is different supplements. I am currently taking several different supplements just to throttle this in case I get exposed (elderberry and schisandra berry are prominent here), with oregano oil and echinacea on standby in case I start feeling sick or strongly suspect I may have been exposed. This will further throttle it, giving my immune system a chance to fight it with minimal or no sickness. Again, the plasma is saved for someone that needs it more.

    From there, the next step is the drug chloroquine. This is supposed to be used for malaria, but it has helped people with coronavirus. To me, this is safer than a blood transfusion that may or may not be compatible with my blood type. Again, it is easier to make chloroquine than plasma. Along with the supplements, that could be enough to prevent further treatment from being necessary.

    The plasma treatment would be next after that. It is just one more potential treatment option should it become necessary. But, better if I can stay away from churches and the coronavirus hall and not get it at all. Even with my supermarket job, I usually miss out on most of the common flu that goes around, so there is a pretty good chance that I won't even get sick at all. And no, I am not going to do anything stupid (like licking toilet seats--a poor way to get coronavirus but an excellent way to pick up hepatitis and similar infections). Nor am I going to be attending any churches or Coronavirus Halls, which is a far more efficient way to pick up coronavirus.

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