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  • Room 215
    Room 215

    If I recall, David Splane commented that their 2013 self-appointment was partly to disabuse the rank-and-file anointed out in the boondocks that their status as partakers empowered them to contribute doctrinal input. Whatever, it realy amounts to nothing more than a blatant power grab, a la Rutherford .

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    July 15 2013 Study Watchtower, page 13, par. 23: “Who, then, are the domestics? Put simply, they are those who are fed. Early in the last days, the domestics were all anointed ones. Later, the domestics came to include the great crowd of other sheep.”

    .............quickly followed on page 24 with the wonderful "new light" that the "evil slave" was no longer something to worry about - Jesus was only speaking hypothetically!

    (Origin of this new light - the "faithful slave" copied and pasted it from a footnote at Matthew 24:45-47 in the NET Bible)

  • Solzhenitsyn

    Wheres Waldo? Yup, there he is.....just one of the domestics like everyone else.

    This was the illustration from the 7/15/13 WT to help us "see" among other things, how humble the F&D slave is


    The Faithful Slave is like the theological version of Voltron, or Captain Planet.

    The magical Lions are just lions, but together they form Voltron! Likewise, the Planeteers are individuals, but they combine their power to summon Captain Planet!

    It’s pretty simple.


  • sparrowdown

    The GB are like the worst "domestics" ever!

    Real divas they are, wear a fancy shmancy suit to work and they won't even pick up a vacuum cleaner let alone a toilet brush!

  • amiable atheist
    amiable atheist

    July 15th 2013 Study Watchtower, p. 23, par. 13: “Who, then, are the domestics? Put simply, they are those who are fed. Early in the last days, the domestics were all anointed ones. Later, the domestics came to include the great crowd of other sheep.” [...] Both groups benefit from the same timely spiritual food that is dispensed by the faithful slave. What about the Governing Body members who today make up the faithful and discreet slave? Those brothers also need to be fed spiritually. Hence, they humbly recognize that as individuals they are domestics just like all the rest of Jesus' genuine followers."

  • amiable atheist
    amiable atheist

    As an afterthought:

    Lest the Rank&File forget where their place is, we are lovingly reminded on page 21, paragraph 8, that "such ones [the anointed Christians] are called 'a royal priesthood'", and "it is only fitting that members of that 'royal priesthood' have a direct share in teaching fellow believers the truth.—Mal. 2:7; Rev. 12:17."

    So, listen and obey, worthless slaves deserving death who depend solely on the undeserved kindness ... HEY, Any more of your backchat, and ... Questions Are Backchat!!

    They managed one line of pure and unadulterated truth (WT 2013/07/15,p21,¶8,1st line), but then, alas, swept away by faith, inebriated with the exuberance of their own verbosity, they've immediately f**ked it up. With trembling fingers I quote the precious line of truth – drumroll:

    "The faithful slave must be made up

    Kidding aside, this magazine is a paragon of doublethink; because If you are royalty, and you are not held captive, then you are not a slave. Period.

  • lastmanstanding

    I like how the GB tells the rank and file that they are “good for nothing slave(s)...” whilst they are “the faithful Slave”

    Yea, they are a cut above everyone else.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Yes but domestics that must be worshipped.

  • slimboyfat

    Just how “spirit directed” can this faithful slave be, when the story is they couldn’t even get their own identity correct for most of their existence?

    Yes this new explanation has the fingerprints of Splane all over it. He has Fred Franz’s taste for doctrinal innovation but without the obsession for detail and commitment to constructing arguments that are at least plausible that Fred Franz had.

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