JW Good News is merely B.S. Bad News demonstrably wrong (Here is the proof)

by TerryWalstrom 15 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Perry

    Or, as Charles Dickens put it, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” The world keeps spinning, but it wobbles. All the same....

    1. Abortions are down to lowest levels since Roe v. Wade

    2. Cigarette smoking down

    3. Littering has declined by 61% in last 40 years

    4. Teen drug and alcohol abuse is down (not including weed)

    5. Percentage of college educated population has increased by a 1/3 in the US

    6. The Watchtower can hide much less of their dirty laundry than they could 30 years ago with the invention of the internet.

    7. Median Household Income (and potential) has risen substantially even when adjusted for inflation

    Now if we could just get our debt, trade deficits, and 100 Trillion in unfunded liabilities down.

  • TerryWalstrom

    My grandfather said something to me one day that stuck with me.
    I didn't understand it very well--I did remember it.
    He told me this:
    "Society is a water balloon. If left to itself it has uniformity. It has symmetry. It has resilience.
    But squeeze it and a corresponding bulge occurs. Any pressure on one point affects all the rest of it."

    As the years have passed I have often called to mind his analogy.
    It is difficult to see how big the rest of the balloon is growing when you're in the part being squeezed.

  • ttdtt

    Stats can be twisted any way anyone wants if they are careful to leave out a few facts or context.

  • 2+2=5

    This system has to end very soon, it cannot last forever.

    I saw a gay couple kissing on TV!

  • Vidiot
    2+2=5 - "This system has to end very soon, it cannot last forever... I saw a gay couple kissing on TV!"

    Yup, God's gotta bail us all out soon...

    ...otherwise the tyrannical constitutional democracies of the developed world will (somehow) force straights to marry gays... or something...

    Alex Jones, here we go...

  • Vidiot
    Terry - "...'critical times hard to deal with' flavors every book, article, pamphlet, and conversation..."

    "Critical times hard to deal with"?

    In a subculture that eschews virtually every positive social advance since the 1950s, fearmongers every chance it gets, virtually dictates its members' every word and thought, and all-but-demands they remain the most under-educated - and therefore lowest-earning - demographic in the modern world?

    Gosh, never saw that coming.

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