What to do when running in to a JW you know...How is this for a suggestion ?

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  • snakeface

    I pretty much never see any of the JWs. But here's a funny story. Since leaving the cult about 13 years ago I have gotten baptized into the Baptist faith. Last year our pastor had to retire suddenly and I took over as Interim (temporary) Pastor while the church was searching for a new pastor. One Sunday afternoon after our morning service I went out to eat, and I had to be back at church that evening to preach again. Well as I was almost walking out of the restaurant after having paid for my meal I heard people calling me. It was a JW couple, seated at a table. They had recognized me and were calling me over to their table. I recognized them but didn't remember where I knew them from. After a few friendly sentences of How are you doing, do you still work at XXXXX and so on, they asked what congregation am I going to now. (I was wearing a suit, of course.) You should have seen the look on their faces when I replied that I am now the pastor of a Baptist church! They first said, "What?" and I repeated, "I am a pastor of a Baptist church." And then they said "WHO is?" and i said, "I am." They turned their heads the other way. Ha ha! I am sure that as soon a I left they were on their phones calling everyone.

  • steve2

    The longer you are out, the less of a need there is to say anything to JWs beyond a nice "Hi". We move to new locations, JWs who knew us move elsewhere and - aside from family - we and they are no longer recognizable. We grow older and don't look the way we used to look when we were JWs.

    I don't recognize JWs when I pass them by - and they don't appear to recognize me (about the only time I see them is when they are doing cart work - which is not often in the district where I live. Funnily enough, if I say "Hi!" they always say "Hi!" and give me a lovely smile.

  • snakeface

    steve2, you are right. Since they are no longer part of our lives, and vice versa, they are just like any other strangers we encounter.

  • Finkelstein

    I usually say ..... " Hey you delusional brainwashed idiot, get away from me your a loyal dedicated servant of Satan, the liar and deceiver.

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