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    10 Response of the Jehovah’s Witness Organisation to the Sexual Abuse of Children

    Having regard to the various matters we have discussed in this report, we have reached a number of general conclusions on the Jehovah’s Witness organisation’s response to the sexual abuse of children.

    We do not consider the Jehovah’s Witness organisation to be an organisation which responds adequately to child sexual abuse. We do not believe that children are adequately protected from the risk of sexual abuse for the following reasons:

    1. The organisation relies on outdated policies and practices to respond to allegations of child sexual abuse. Also, those policies and practices are not subject to ongoing and continuous review. The policies and practices are, by and large, wholly inappropriate and unsuitable for application in cases of child sexual abuse. The organisation’s retention and continued application of policies such as the two-witness rule in cases of child sexual abuse shows a serious lack of understanding of the nature of child sexual abuse.
    2. The organisation’s internal disciplinary system for addressing complaints of child sexual abuse is not child or survivor focused in that it is presided over by males and offers a survivor little or no choice about how their complaint is addressed.
    3. The sanctions available within the organisation’s internal disciplinary system are weak and leave perpetrators of child sexual abuse at large in the organisation and the community.
    4. In deciding the sanctions to impose and/or precautions to take in relation to a known or suspected perpetrator, the organisation has inadequate regard to the risk that that perpetrator might reoffend. This demonstrates a serious lack of understanding of the nature and impact of child sexual abuse.
    5. The organisation’s general practice of not reporting serious instances of child sexual abuse to police or authorities – in particular, where the complainant is a child – demonstrates a serious failure by the organisation to provide for the safety and protection of children in the organisation and in the community.
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    Link to pdf:

    Please note: A second part to this report follows in March 2017. The second part will detail what steps JW org is required to take as a result of the Royal Commission of Inquiry's findings.

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    March 2016?

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    Thanks for the concise summary!!

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    Thanks Steve. That is very helpful to read.

    I was glad to see that this quote from Jackson made it in to the report:

    When asked if the Governing Body members saw themselves as ‘Jehovah God’s spokespeople on earth’, Mr Geoffrey Jackson answered that it ‘would seem to be quite presumptuous to say that we are the only spokesperson that God is using’.
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    March 2016?

    My bad. Now corrected to March 2017.

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    Thanks Steve2 ,for that summary , by the way you got it right the first time 2017

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    Cheers smiddy - I was able to edit my second post in enough time to correct the wrong date to March 2017.

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    JW organization is forced to realise this is a seriously damaging outcome. I note their spokesman strikes quite a conciliatory tone in responding to media inquiries - as indeed he should. There will be opportunity for JW organization to demonstrate how seriously it takes the damning findings in March 2017 when the commission formally tables its findings and hears back from JW organization. What an issue to be roasted over - and about time!

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