Hove KH sell off

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  • darkspilver

    Hi cantleave!

    £550,000K should pay a few legal bills. TBH that seems quite steep for a commercial property even in the middle of Brighton.

    It seems that the suggestion is to convert it into residential, which probably makes sense.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Portslade congregation is still doing very well and is active and well attended. The old hall near the railway went about 15 years ago when they began to share the Hove KH.

    The main reshuffle was October 2014 when Patcham was disbanded and joined to Hove now making a total of about 90+ publishers. Other congregations in Brighton were shared out as already explained.

    Austin Gray are handling the sale of the KH but it is not going to auction, it is by private treaty so may not be easy to find out what it eventually goes for. It will be converted into flats.


  • pepperheart

    If they get the £500.000 they want that will pay for only half the court costs that they have got in leicester these past months,will they be wanting more ice cream money from the children lol

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