UK Council Tax arrears - Did you face or are you facing BAILIFFS???

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  • BoogerMan

    Interesting new LEGAL protection:

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    my opinion--

    council tax ( a UK ) thing is a necessary evil, It is based on property value--which so often is wildly wrong.

    A couple --earning an average income pay 100% of it

    The same couple--with ( say ) 3 adults at home--each earning good money--the cost is the same.

    The same couple--but out of work--on benefits--pay nothing.

    A single occupant--working, pays 75%.

    The council tax replaced the much hated poll tax--which was much fairer!

    i have to pay over £2000 a year in council tax--yet i am on the state pension, i pay no income tax on it, but have some savings--and my wife works.

    in many cases--people working full time pay very little income tax--yet full council tax.

    local income tax would be a much fairer system

  • ElderBerry

    It’s great to know this is now unenforceable

    I hope same happens to utilities bills next

    Dave Murphy is great with these sorts of things

    there is a large group of people who stopped paying council tax and utilities bills they ignored the invitation to go to court then nothing seems to happen.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    So everyone stops paying council tax and utilities bills. What then happens? The power goes off, no gas, no water, the bins are not emptied and on it goes. In no time we would become more of a third world country than we already are.

    Bring back Margaret Thatcher, the Poll Tax and return our beloved country to what it used to be before it was screwed up by the likes of Blair, Cameron, Sunak.

    Whatever happens I am am too old to be affected by it but I feel for the youngsters who in a couple of decades will be living in a Muslim hell hole.

    End of rant.


  • Simon

    Just the march towards the decay of society, where everyone can be a freeloader and all wonder why the local community has gone to shit.

    Endless takers - immigrants, work-shy, and criminal, all take take take and expecting a honest minority to work ever-harder and be taxed more and more to fund it all.

    Until after one last straw, the back of the camels back breaks and it all crashes into chaos.

    Of course, it may be mis-reported:

  • hoser

    There ain’t no free lunch.

    Someone has to pay for the upkeep of the roads, water, sewer, garbage collection.

    People wanting more out of the system than they put in is a very dangerous thing.

  • ElderBerry

    First you have to understand the “new international monetary system” that the entire world went onto on August 15th 1971. We were told this would be temporary but the world is still on this system over half a century later.

    Before that currency was backed by monetary precious metals and it was an honest system. After 71 it was a dishonest unbacked, unlimited system again. It’s the exact same monetary cycle that repeats all through history.

    So after 71 the world could reap all the benefits of an unbacked, unlimited dishonest system. Until the cycle repeats and the world goes back to honest money again- gold and silver.

    But until that happens the educated can reap all the benefits of this temporary unbacked, unlimited currency system. You are actually helping along the demise of this dishonest system by stopping to pay council tax and utilities..

  • hoser


    Nixon taking the USA off the convertibility of dollars to gold had more to do with declining American manufacturing and them getting their asses handed to them in the Vietnam war than people that want a free ride from others.

    If you believe the world should go back to a gold standard go get some of your gold from you hiding place, sell a couple of ounces and pay your tax.

  • ElderBerry

    Hoser you clearly do not yet understand the monetary cycles that have repeated through history. This is nothing new it’s the same cycles repeating. Going from money which are gold and silver, over to currency which is anything else used as a medium of exchange. When you are in the currency part of the cycle you can reap all the benefits of an unbacked unlimited system. There is no limit to how many units of currency can be added to the supply so nobody loses anything until the cycle repeats as normal

  • hoser


    I am fully aware of the lifecycle of fiat currencies and how they all ultimately fail.

    I also understand we are nearing the end of the USD being a world currency.

    What I don’t understand or admire is entitled individuals who use excuses to not pay their legitimate bills.

    The only winners in a fiat system are those that take their fiat currency and exchange it for real assets. Gold, silver, land, houses and ownership in corporations are some of those assets.

    The big winners in a fiat currency system are those that borrow fiat to purchase appreciating assets.

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