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    Isnt this report really a report of a failing religious organization ? that has lost its way ?

    Reduced congregations worldwide.

    Increases in those claiming to be of the Anointed Class ? When they are supposed to be decreasing every year.

    Most baptisms can be attributed to children of JW`s. and not those responding to D2D witnessing

    Stagnant growth in most western affluent Nations .

    Most growth in poorer third world countries

    Reduced numbers of Branches around the world.

    Significantly reduced printed materials for the brothers and sisters.

    And their forever asking /begging for more money in donations ,pledges ,wills . { ice cream money from kids } Ok that last one was a joke .

    Their has to be more to the list I gave above ?

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    It's one thing to have 8,579,909 peak publishers. The question is how many of these 8.6 million publishers are actually productive members. In other words how many of these publishers are truly an asset to the WT organization. Conversely how many of these publishers are realistically a burden, drag or liability to the WT.

    One things for certain, senior members of this cult (say from 65 years of age and older) are highly useless due to their age related limitations & therefore are unproductive. They amount to a third of the peak publishers or about 2.6 million.

    Then you have children and early teen publishers say from 8 years old to 18 years old. How much of an asset and how productive can these young ones be to this cult. Once again this group of publishers is more likely a burden, drag and liability to this cult. Their numbers are another third or roughly 2.6 million of the peak publishers.

    This leaves the remainder of roughly 2.6 million publishers to carry the load of this monster of an organization and its monstrous overhead costs. A secular company that has 8.6 million employees with 2/3rds or roughly 5.2 million of its employees being useless and unproductive...I would say is a company in trouble & with its days numbered.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    2017 - Memorial Partakers Worldwide: 19,521. LOL!

    w51 1/15 p. 61 par. 17 - "Seeing that we are nearing our complete exodus from this world into the new world, we suggest that all active Kingdom publishers engage in helping the more than half a million attenders out into the field service this coming week end of March 23, 1951. Thus you will aid them in having part in the final witness before the accomplished end of this old world takes place."

    Yup, the end was so close 67 years ago that the org urged every visitor to the Memorial to go out on field service. Changed days, eh?

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