List of Kingdom Halls in Australia SOLD and FOR SALE

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  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot

    pepperheart 2 hours ago

    im sure most of you will have seen that leaked video that came out in 2016 and it was saying that the jws will be selling off 3,000 halls of around the world

    Does anybody know if that video is still up anywhere??


  • LV101

    I think they indicated the big hall sale covered a period of five years beginning in 2015 - technically, they should be close to finishing the goal. The number 3,000 doesn't seem to be nearly enough but I've no idea how many they've turned. Let's hope they need to keep selling but hard to say.

  • gerry

    Jonahstourguide you and resolute Bandicoot alerted me some time ago about these halls coming up for sale. So I do a internet search every so often to see if they are up for sale. Thanks guys.

    The Camp Hill hall in Brisbane was empty for some time before it came up for sale.

    The Dianella Hall sale in WA fell through. They had a buyer but at contract time there was a problem with the Title deeds and so the hall cannot be sold until it is rectified. It has been 5 months now trying to sort it out.

  • Vidiot

    And how many NEW halls have been commissioned?

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