Stock market 2018 turbulence

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  • Betheliesalot

    One thing is for sure, the stock market is 100% better return than investing in the wash tower .

  • mikeflood

    All the economic fundamentals are good...and the stock exchange keeps sinking....why?

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    The debt is becoming too expensive to service.

  • zeb

    from this end of the 'farm' we know that if America sneezes the world catches the flu.

    When the Lehman crash occurred the big crisis lasted in Australia about a week. Why, we have a regulated Banking sector (with all its faults) and

    we had Kevin Rudd then as PM who brought in a 'stimulus package' where most citizens received money from the national treasury to spend as they saw fit to boost the economy and it did.

    The wise ones paid out some debts and the unwise didnt but bought even bigger tv sets.

    This money in the spending ended up back in Canberra within a short time by way of taxes on wages on goods whatever.

    Me? I received apx $900 and cleared my CC and also put my car in and said do anything that is needed, preemptive, which was not a lot as I keep my maintenance up.

    There are those on the other side of the Australian political scene which believe the 'free-market' is the greatest thing since sliced bread and screamed murder at what Rudd had done but later admitted they had NO plan of what to do. This sit and wait is typical of their founder who said "Business as usual" when Australia was faced with the Imperial Japanese threat after Pearl Harbor..

    This planned inaction would have had the same effect in Oz as it has in the US. So as I did before thanks Mr Rudd.

    and I recall hearing just before '75 that there were jw who bought up big on 'toys' believing that the collapse of the system would mean they would not have to pay for them..

    that my $ worth.

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