SEPTEMBER 2024 Study Watchtower - Warnings for JW's!

by BoogerMan 12 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • NotFormer

    "That's a great laugh. You mean like the two guys I saw last week sitting by their literature carts on a stretch of sidewalk where nobody was walking?!"

    I haven't seen the literature trolley in my town for a while. Not that I'm there often enough to coincide with them. Sometimes they're there. Sometimes not. The last time I saw them was two ladies set up on a table in the paved section of the main street. (Strategically placed near cafes and a bakery, I might add.) As I was glancing at them, one looked in my direction and looked a bit nervous. I think she was frightened by the thought that someone might actually come over and chat with them.

    So, despair not, GB!: the trolley witnesses have got your back!

  • Biahi

    I used to see the carts in the town square near me, fairly constantly. Then, they dropped the reporting time requirement, to just checking a box. Now, I rarely see them. 😏🤷‍♀️

  • jhine

    I see a cart regularly on a Tuesday ( market day) in my home town of Tamworth uk


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