Trying to Forget the Four Cruel "Sisters" From Three Different Congregations

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  • Loi_241
    I had a problem with four cruel "sisters" from three different congregations. I was learning how to manage my emotion to these women because they were strong emotion to me. I know the scripture inform me to not to hold against them as God will take care of them. Let me tell you the experience story of my problem with these four "sisters" from three different congregations:
    The four "sisters" (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th). Okay, the first "sister", happened in late 2003 was helping me to understand why kids need to accept and be patient to follow their parents’ rules. But I was at least 18 that time don’t need my parents. I hated when she believed to treat me like I must be a little girl. Also, she was really mad at me about my own personal interests. What was her problem? I told her that I was not interesting in joining Jehovah's Witnesses. But she refused to listen to me. Maybe she had a mental problem or emotional problem? But, eventually I accepted baptized in 2008.
    The second "sister" was acting weird to me. She is from Puerto Rico. She did not pay attention to how I felt while other caring sister (I did not have a problem) validated my appeal about scam. The second "sister" was happy to have me bought her something for the first time and she never does to me. Then year later, she went to Paris with her group, which she ignored my interest of Paris. That sounds unfair and she was taking advantage of me. I don’t like that kind of behavior. I was wondering where she got money from.
    First problem is, the third "sister" of Canada and now in Rochester with her American husband a "brother". She was acting very weird to me. When I met her in a friendly greeting way, she said ‘okay’. I gasped and I wanted to know what does that mean. My best friend never wants to hear me saying, ‘okay’. She was worry about me and wanted to know if I was alright.
    Second problem is about the event of Deaf Awareness that the third "sister" planned to pick me up but switched to other plan in the last minutes. That is a lie. Is it?
    Third problem is, I was in danger of fire and I was on text message trying to reach the third "sister" but she did not answer me.
    Fourth problem. In few months later I told the third "sister" that I decided to stop associate with her. She was angry and then she called me “hypocrite”. I was so mad at her. I did not understand her. Was she immature? Or, what? Recently I read the Young People Ask book of 1989 about how to make friends. I found it phrase says, "Remember too that you can have a friend who will never let you down." But it phrase is not the same way as she and recently announced me must be a friend with congregation despite the personality. But I like it phrase tell me never have a friend who put me down. I'm not interesting in being a friend with whoever put me down. It is not worth in my time if the third "sister" do not want to be my friend, she can go away from me but lie to me calling me "hypocrisy". Shame on her! She need to wake up and smell her coffee to look at that book's phrase again. I did explain to the elders about my association issue, but sadly, they did not read it phrase. They talked about other point.
    Other more problems occur. I think the third "sister" need a big help as well as the next "sister", the fourth.
    The fourth "sister" is almost like the second "sister" about money but is different. The fourth "sister" commanded me to not to save the money and commanded me to send my money away. Also she commanded me to give the exact amount of gifts which not matched the scriptures say you can give whatever you want.
    When the fourth "sister" offered me her nice home, I told her I was on the welfare but she believed that it was good enough. So my bank balance was overdraft seven times. And she spoiled my future. I was so mad at her. She was taking advantage of me. Meanwhile, she complained about me did not give my money to her and to somebody else. I felt disgusting to what she viewed on money. I kindly explained to her that I was not want to live with her anymore ever, since then she has not sought out my company which convinces me all the more that she only wanted me to be a perfect spiritual sister for her. Was she having a mental problem? She needs a big help with her financial situation. Also, add to other "sister", I like her. She's so cool. But as the fourth "sister", while I stayed humble with the other "sister", she told me to know that the Bible say must give the money away. As she gave me an example of congregation contribution, think about same as the bookstore price. Oh, wow! This is not what the Bible tell you to give your gifts away, you can give whatever you want instead of give the gifts away. That is so cruel to force me to give the money away. It's my decision to give whatever I want. What are the matter with them? Don't they get how I feel? Huh?
    All these women are though living to give me a hard time to pursue their actions but the Bible encourages me to forgive their mistakes. I'm trying my best to forget them. They are not worth in my time if they don't like me. That is okay with me. I'm not worry about them. I have Father and the Son in my life.
  • Daniel1555

    Just forget about it and live your life.

  • never a jw
    never a jw
    Four cruel sisters? If this number keeps going up, then you have to consider the possibility that the problem is with you. You may expect too much from other JW's, or even other people in general. This post may bring the count to five cruel people.
  • exjwlemming
    When I was in the "truth," there was a common phrase used throughout the area. I'm not sure that it was specific to just the local area or if others around the "org" used it to. There were a lot of disturbed and difficult individuals to deal with. The saying was " half the people in the truth were here to test the other half in the truth." I guess it was a humorous way to express the hypocritical lack of a Christian personality among many who don't follow what they were taught. After years, I look back and pity those entrapped to the org that struggle with all sorts of mental, emotional, and crippling psychological issues. They couldn't hold down meaningful employment, spent their time in service to the Borg, and became jdub powerhouses. They didn't have the means to seek professional help due to their employment and the prohibition on getting help. Meanwhile, the remainder just had to "suck it up" and believe that they will be made right in the NS.
  • Listener
    Loi, it might help if you try to think about the nice things they've done. I can see a lot of positive things about these people just in what you have written.
  • JWdaughter
    If people are not good to you, don't waste your time or energy on them. Be civil and find other people to be with. Thats all.
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Sometimes people just can't be pleased no matter how nice you are to them.

    It's just human nature sometimes to not be happy with others. I'm not picking sides though.

  • Loi_241

    Hi everyone, I'm appreciated your answers to my experience story of that post. Thank you. L xx

  • talesin

    Growing up as a Jehovah's Witness, I had friends who were hearing impaired. The thing is about these Witnesses, they treat the hearing impaired like they are children. All of my friends who grew up JW, have left the religion because they wanted to be treated like NORMAL ADULTS.

    It sounds to me like these 'sisters' are offering you what they consider help, while taking advantage (your bank account was overdrawn? No more automatic deposits for rent, okay?). They do NOT consider you their equal. You are someone they are 'helping' ,,,,,,,,,,,

    I suggest you leave the JW behind forever, and you are in your early 30s now? Lots of time to start a new life with people who will treat you as a normal person, instead of 'less than'..



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