Millions Then Living Did Not Survive

by Fred Franztone 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • Finkelstein

    Millions now living realize they've been scammed by a religious publishing house.

  • Bobcat
    Most estimates put the worldwide figure at roughly 450,000, not even half a million.

    Hey Fred,

    Not quibbling over figures, but this page says the UN estimated in 2012 that there were about 316,600 centenarians alive. But, 450,000 or 317,000, either way, a very interesting point made on the page was the estimate that only 1 in a thousand make it to age 110 (super centenarian). So, of the 450,000 or 317,000 centenarians in 2012, there will only be between 450 to 317 alive by 2022.

    Here we are more than 5 years after 2012. The numbers must be markedly lower by now.

  • BluesBrother

    I raised this with a friendly elder recently. He just referred me to this portion of the Proclaimers book. There are none so blind as them who will not see:

    *** jv chap. 7 pp. 78-79 Advertise the King and the Kingdom! (1919-1941) ***
    “Unrealized Hopes Are Not Unique to Our Day”
    “We may confidently expect,” stated the booklet Millions Now Living Will Never Die, back in 1920, “that 1925 will mark the return [from the dead] of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and the faithful prophets of old . . . to the condition of human perfection.” Not only was the resurrection of faithful men of old expected in 1925 but some hoped that anointed Christians might receive their heavenly reward in that year.
    The year 1925 came and went. Some abandoned their hope. But the vast majority of the Bible Students remained faithful. “Our family,” explained Herald Toutjian, whose grandparents had become Bible Students about the turn of the century, “came to appreciate that unrealized hopes are not unique to our day. The apostles themselves had similar misplaced expectations. . . . Jehovah is worthy of loyal service and praise with or without the ultimate reward.”—Compare Acts 1:6, 7.

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