What music are you enjoying today?

by ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara 119 Replies latest jw friends

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    1.Just been listening to this lady's innovtive tool as music instrument. Incredible story too.


    2.Listening to this gives me so much peace and relaxes me . Always chill with head phones blasti gaway.



  • blondie

    I'm still catching up on what I missed as a jw.

    Donna Summers

    Pointer Sisters


  • Betheliesalot

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_l4Ab5FRwM I just listened to Five Finger Death Punch and chilled

  • APieceOfShitNamedTate
  • ShirleyW

    blondie - if you're just up to the eighties you've got a long way to go to catch up with the music you've missed !

  • blondie

    That's all right. I watched Graham Norton last night and he had The Specials on. They had released an album after 38 years and it went #1 in the UK. So I am listening to new and old at the same time.

  • Finkelstein
  • blondie

    Is this one of the Osmond Brothers?

  • zeb

    last night we attended an orchestral concert of mozart and popular music pieces. Inc some from Les Miserable, Mozart, and a lot of show numbers.

    It featured a lot of local school kids who did as good a performance as any could do. and all of them inc the orchestra, amateurs from 8 to 80..!

    on a side note(!) why is it when jw meet at any public function they have to talk all over each other when they see each other ... hm? times a week?

  • blondie

    zeb, I am a classical fan, a classical trained pianist. I'm trying to branch out and add jazz piano, more loose but then not in characteristics. I really don't like much classical past 1940. Tends to reflect the after WW1 generation. But I never say never.

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