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  • TweetieBird

    Is there a thread that lists the KH's that are being sold in the US? I just learned that my old hall is getting sold and the 2 congregations that are meeting there are merging with 2 congregations in another hall.

  • scratchme1010

    I don't think that there's a list, but if there was one, I'm sure it's rather long. I think that the WT is making money out of real estate. They can't make money from printed material anymore, so that seems to be the next best thing.

  • Are you serious
    Are you serious

    Sooner or later they won't have anymore to sell.

  • nowwhat?

    Myself and others have brought it up but it gets poo poo'd

  • loneranger

    Tweetiebird... That hall is not closing. It will have major renovations done by 2020 The two congs in a neighboring hall (SC) will merge and move to the renovated hall. There will be 3 congs in your old hall then ASL will be moved out to D B likely

  • jp1692

    Start one. Be specific. List locations, dates and all other relevant details.

  • sir82

    The WTS has a "master plan" (their actual term - at least they didn't pick "final solution") to have exactly 4 congregations per Kingdom Hall in all but the most remote locations.

    This means merging congregations, selling Kingdom Halls, etc.

    Of course, the needs and concerns of their flock are of utter and complete irrelevance to them.

  • LV101

    sir82 - if they dwindle below 4 congs they still have the "master plan" facility to rent out as assembly halls, etc., -- ahh, but the bigger facilities w/more sq. footage = higher real estate profit for them. The leeches are improving their real estate game.

  • Wakanda

    I have a personal list with dates for my area, some are approximate. Here's an offer: If you have names of congregations, kingdom halls with the dates (approximate is o.k.), I"ll list them here.

    I don't want to list my own unless I have others also. I'm too effing paranoid. So, if you are like me, you could p.m. your info to me to post.

    I'll keep it on a master document so I can keep track so as avoid duplicating. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

    Hope I'm not being weird, or umm... 'prominent'! I'm kind of worried that I'd be able to keep up, but, somebody has got to do it. Kim Mikey has a video on it, but I know they had some mistakes too. A list in writing would be good.great!

  • jp1692

    Wakanda, can you create a shared Google document or spreadsheet then post the link here?

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