Watchtower issues take down notice!!!

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  • Phizzy

    I think I should have qualified my " those at the top", I was referring to their Legal Advisers , and the Writing Department, who work hand in glove. Those guys, along with their Financial Advisers, know full well it is not "The Truth".

    As for the Figure Heads, the Governing Body, how much they believe, and how much they know is bullshit, probably varies by member. All came up through the ranks, many life long believers, whatever, they must have a great problem with Cognitive Dissonance within themselves.

    I remember well two remarks made to me , one by a London Bethel Boy, who said " The nearer you get to the top of things, the more you realise their is no "Spirituality" there, there is none in Bethel", the other was a guy who worked in the new York H.Q , in Brooklyn, as it was at the time, and he told me, " I pass the Governing Body's Committee Room in my work there, you should hear the shouting and arguments that I hear !"

  • HappyDad

    This just makes me believe all the more, that the WT has people assigned to read and watch everything that is directed to them. One of those people has probably read this topic already.

    Hopefully, one of them may begin to question their own beliefs as we once did.

  • Vidiot

    I've heard rumors they actually employ non-JWs to monitor sites like this one so as not to "contaminate" the faithful.

    It sounds stupid, but... is exactly the sort of thing deluded True Believers might actually do.

  • Vidiot

    @ Phizzy...

    And none of the anecdotal evidence does anything to dissuade me from suspecting that at this point, the GB is fucking desperate to keep the rank-and-file from figuring out that the WTS isn't actually "God's Earthly Organization"...

    ...because virtually everything they're doing seems like increasingly frantic (and, especially, reactive) measures taken to - ultimately - prevent that.

  • WingCommander

    I've been saying it for a while now, and now we're starting to see it:

    WT has stolen Scientology's playbook, and they're running it step-by-step.....

    We're now up the part where WT HQ sics their lawyers on the most vocal, outspoken, and visible ex-JW's on the planet, in order to silence them.

    NEXT UP: WT HQ will hire outside P.I. firms to follow the ex-JW critics and dig up dirt on them to use to smear them in the public eye, to make them look crazy, discredit them, etc.

  • Vidiot


    Next up...

    ...Scientology is gonna sue the WTS...

    ...for stealing their playbook.

  • Vidiot

    Seriously though...

    ...I think at this point, the Org no longer gives a hairy blue fuck about the “public eye”.

    Discrediting XJWs in the eyes of the loyal rank-and-file, though?

    Top priority.

    And I suspect the vitriol and rhetoric is only gonna sound increasingly shrill (not to mention batshit crazy) in the near future.

  • Simon
    What does it take to post parody about Watchtology and keep it up? Simple, MONEY

    Kind of, but not really, it's copyright ownership. There is money involved but it's Google's money - if YouTube allowed it to be kept up, they would be on the hook to owe the WTS money for their copyright infringement.

    The simple way to not have content removed is to not post copyrighted material or to make sure the usage falls squarely under "fair use". Simply editing together clips from the WTS is not sufficient, anymore than it would be to put up a different edit of a Star Wars movie.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    This explains why Loyd Evens (John Cedars) has been able to use a whole lot of WT content in his videos, he takes equal (if not more) time to discuss the JW content presented.

    So, it is possible to use WT content, it just needs to fall under the "fair use" provision.

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