Movies that make you cry?

by new boy 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • caves

    Legends of the Fall- I saw it in the theater and started crying as soon as Samuel died 25min in and didnt stop the whole movie. It was embarrassing. I took 3 days off work after, it hit me that hard.

    I only watch it now when I know I need to cry for release but cant. And it still the same today as soon as Samuel dies the tears dont stop for the entire movie. Something about it rips me apart.

    Mists of Avalon- with Angelica Houston. It rips me a new one.

    Dances with Wolves- messes me up to. The part where the Hard and stern Native screams from the top of the mountain to Kevin Costner near the end ... just thinking about it tears me I had better stop there.

  • running_away


    I was holding my daughter so hard!. Because she was me. Because I use to believe in a "mother" that told me not to go outside the Tower. Because I trust her. Because my little daughter was in my arms. Because that first feeling of freedom. And this song, because I know that even that my marriage eventually is going to end.

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