Birth Marks, hum learn something new...

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  • Xandria

    What are birthmarks?

    Birthmarks are areas of raised or flat discolored skin that are usually visible on a baby's skin at birth. They tend to be the result of an abnormal development of blood or lymph vessels, but no one knows the exact cause of all birthmarks. Certain types of birthmarks may not show up for several days or weeks after a baby's birth. Some marks endure for life, while others fade away over time. They're very common; you probably have one or more somewhere on your body.

    What do they look like?

    Birthmarks come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors and can show up anywhere on a child's body. The most common varieties are:

    -Caf au lait spots, permanent tan or light brown flat patches that sometimes appear in multiples. About 20 percent of all newborns have these discolorations; they usually get smaller as a child grows.

    -Moles, which vary in size and may be raised or flat, smooth or hairy, black or brown. Large ones are known as nevi.

    -Bluish or greenish Mongolian spots on the back or buttocks, which usually fade by school age, although they may never disappear altogether. They are most common in babies with dark skin.

    -"Stork bites" or "angel kisses." Many babies have blotchy pink or purple marks -- overgrown capillary veins near the surface of the skin -- on the back of their neck or on their eyelids. They usually fade within the first year.

    -Dark berry-colored port-wine stains. Light ones may fade, but most endure and enlarge as the child grows. They are commonly found on the face and head (the birthmark on former Russian president Mikhail Gorbachev's head is a port-wine stain). About three in every 1,000 babies are born with these marks.

    -Raised crimson marks known as strawberry hemangiomas (because they look and feel like a strawberry) that appear on about 10 percent of babies. They tend to grow for several years and then usually disappear by age 10.

    -Cavernous hemangioma, a lumpy bluish or bluish-red mass that grows quickly in the child's first six months, then slows and starts shrinking by about 18 months, and is usually gone by the time a child reaches the teen years.

    I have seen the crimison "Strawberry" marks two of my friends had those in interesting spots. One on her whole side of her face and the other I am not saying.

    Caf au lait spots, permanent tan or light brown flat patches that sometimes appear in multiples. About 20 percent of all newborns have these discolorations; they usually get smaller as a child grows.

    I have one like the highlighted on my leg.

    It is interesting that we came in all shapes, colors, ( Speckles or non-speckled) and sizes. I did not realize that there were other varieties of birth marks. Like Bluish or greenish Mongolian spots and Stork bites, first time I have heard of these.



    Hi Xandria.

    Hey, this is a first of sorts.

    Myself and my middle brother, have varying degrees of birthmarks.

    My younger (middle) brother has a large one on his waistline. It's an odd thing, but oh well, it does make for uniqueness.

    Myself, I have a few rather faded versions, similar to my brothers, and one....well we won't go there.

    Interesting topic, and the first time I've seen it brought up here.

  • frenchbabyface

    I have a BIG birth mark (a little more taned) that goes from my (right part) ass to my ankle,
    you won't believe me if I tell you why : should I ? well you have to know ... because of "DESIRE" (here not something to eat if you got my point)

    it very interesting because if I follow my mark with me right hand it makes my hand doing a very natural gesture for a releaf (not even sexual) that goes from going down from the ass to the ankle and coming back to my calve. Just image if she had put her head desparatly in her hands ... Oooops !

    I knew about the real reason of mine, when once we talked about the subject when my mon saw my sons birth mark a few years ago. This birth mark I do remember very-well is related to a candy I wanted to eat, (it is a little mark compared to mine) and it is really were I've scraped my belly with a nail. (Anthony is just lucky that I was a little aware about the problem)

  • frenchbabyface

    While I'm thinking about it : of course I don't think all birth marks are related to the desire of something

    but this shows and give a clue about the POWER and the relations in between our SPYCHO/MIND on our body (and here : even somebody's elses body inside of us)

  • Silverleaf

    Both my kids were born with strawberry hemangiomas - my daughter with one on her stomach and one under her arm. No one at the hospital mentioned them and since we didn't completely 'unwrap' her until we got her home we were a bit surprised when we saw them - each about the size of a quarter. They're finally fading but I don't think they will ever go away completely. My son had a small one on his arm which disappeared in a few years.

    Have you ever heard the theory that birth marks may be related to events in past lives? Researchers who have studied people [especially children] who remember past lives have found an extremely strong correlation between birthmarks and causes of death, injury or illness in previous lives.


  • Agent Smith
    Agent Smith

    I have one on my wrist

  • badboy


  • maybesbabies

    I have one shaped like Xandria on my buttocks Kidding, sis!

    But really, I have one on my right (facial) cheek that gives me a little beauty mark, I love it!

  • Silverleaf

    badboy, I didn't make an assumption and I have no personal evidence of it. I was merely asking if anyone else had heard that theory. I have read several books on the subject of reincarnation - [which I do believe in btw] and they have discussed in varying degrees of detail the notion that birth marks seem to have a correlation to memories of past lives. I do not assume this is true, or false. I merely have read that some people believe it. Silverleaf

  • KKLUV155

    I have a friend who has the port wine birthmark on atleast 1/4 of his face. It starts on his left forehead and goes down over his nose and around his cheek, down to his neck. As time goes it gets darker and grows larger. He said his doctor said that for ever 1 blood vessel he should have in one place, there are 1,000. He has to be very careful and not cut his face or he could bleed to death. He has a joke about it, he says" I'm ugly but I'm friendly", He has a great personality.

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