JW Persecution in Murmansk, Refugees hit Finland

by Slidin Fast 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • jwleaks

    I find it ironic the the Russian government placed the Watchtower's 'Revelation Climax' on the banned list because of its perceived extremism, but you won't find a Russian JW flouting that ruling by trying to distribute that book. Why? The governing body no longer believes the extremist contents of the book. Even now if JWs stubbornly hold to some of the teachings in that book they could be shunned or disfellowshipped and then labeled as apostates.

    Think of all the JWs throughout the years that have risked their lives, or lost their lives, smuggling banned Watchtower magazines of which contents and teachings they have now thrown to the side as 'old truths' which actually means 'never Bible teachings'.

  • zeb

    My deep empathies to the r&f jw in Russia who have been dumped by the gb.

    The same gb who said to the ARC that it did not have the power to make them attend the child abuse hearings, it knew that but it did ask, just ask. The same gb that ran to Russia to try and save their buildings (real estate) from confiscation.

    The same gb who years after the terrible things that happened in Malawi denied the jw there had been told by the branch office not to accept or carry the infamous 'party card (ID card?) that is was their, the individual jw's idea, not to carry, too refuse the card. So the jw in Malawi were blamed for the violence that fell upon them.

    In time the same sleazy denial will be applied to the jw in and those leaving Russia.

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