The JW's Creationist mindset?

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  • Vidiot
    Anders - "...there'll be new lite and they manage to weave the fact of evolution into their doctrine too..."

    Never gonna happen.

    Genesis-as-literal-history is too tightly interwoven into WT cosmology; it's almost dependent on it.

  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    My desire is to untangle the knots of circular thinking. Although I have a mind that is textually oriented, when I worked in a Japanese company I observed the value and importance of pictures. Hence the flow chart attempt.

    The flow chart that I offered here reflects, I think, the rationale running through the brochure "The Origin of Life". (Not that it identified what it means by "life".) Although I do have to admit that I added religious imperatives that are not stated in the brochure -- hence I termed the diagram as my thoughts on the barriers to evolution in JW/Creationist thinking (e.g., soteriological barriers).

    In his book, "Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism", Aron Ra identifies examples of circular reasoning, which I hope to be able to show diagrammatically.

    For a JW, the overarching barrier is the GB's claim that it was appointed in 1919, so that when it says "The Bible", it really means, "our explanation, which is authoritative". Once again another irrationality, since the Bible is provided to it by Christendom created at a time when supposedly the Kingdom had no earthly representative. Wheels within wheels within wheels of circular reasoning.

    I am genuinely enjoying and appreciating your stimulating and considered thoughts.


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