Melbourne Victoria Circuit Assembly Figures

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  • jonahstourguide

    Hi all, kind of news i suppose.

    fyi, 10/12/2016 at melton assembly hall. 1,266 in attendance.

    Two 15 yo, one male one female baptised.

    Costs for the day, $6,951:00

    Before costs contribution to Sydney branch office from last assembly surplus $3,000:00


  • freddo

    Thanks for that JTG. A whopping 0.16%!

    Any mention of the elephant in the room AKA the ARC?

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Appreciate your post - most encouraging information! :)

  • smiddy

    Wow 2 15 year old kids got baptised ,how Jah is speeding up the work.LOL

  • jonahstourguide

    Yep, thats why we need all that money for new k halls.

    No mention of the elephant, but i hear the deafening silence. Oh, and "the governing body are directing all of you to review the dec 2015 broadcast regarding using all tools available for spiritual advancement" Thats wots wrong apparently, "you've lost the love you had at first" I have pretty much had a gutfull. Especially when I take the same critical view of these teachings as jw's tell others to do. Things take on such a clearer perspective when you research what the scriptures say, the translation issues and the tendancy to translate to support your own belief system.

    I believe more people are awake than we realise from my own observations.

    And The bethel speaker ( allan wood) made an interesting application to some words paul uttered about the ministry and the relief ministry,,,, went on to encourage financial support for the relief ministry. I will try to find the scripture. I'm sure some scholars on here and the context itself would challenge that application.



    I found it,, 2 Cor 5:18 ,,,,, the preaching ministry.

    2 Cor 8:4 ,,,,,,,, disaster relief ministry. mmmmmmm

  • Listener

    I remember working many times at the Melton building site. There were way too many older Sisters working in the kitchen doing who knows what because the food was already prepared, so I was assigned to chipping off the concrete from used bricks. The bricks were to be used in a huge, environmentally friendly sewerage pit, which they were so proud of.

    We were not given one piece of safety equipment. There were no safety goggles, helmets or gloves.

    I hear that they have a special private room where you can have a coffee but you need to book it. It's for special events such as a family member getting baptised but that's all I know about it.

  • joe134cd

    Oh that something I have never heard of before. A private coffee lounge. Interesting.

  • stuckinarut2

    Wow, a deficit yet again?

    Amazing....(sarcasm alert)

  • honest

    Melton hall should not be that expensive to run. Also when they stopped serving food at Melton I stopped donating. not only was it a painfully long drive to get there, but we also had to prepare all of our own food and beverages, they don't even provide you with any tea or coffee, and we also have to take our rubbish home with us, they don't even provide bins, so I thought well since you've life harder for us Folks and you provide us with zero basics, why should I donate. Jehovah's Witnesses are the biggest tight arses, fancy not even providing us refreshments with our Contributions. watchtower still doesn't understand that they need to act charitable if they want charity donations. I went to a Baptist Church, they provided snacks and refreshments for all, looks like worldly churches are more generous.

  • Freesoul

    When were you in Melton was it Sat or Sunday, you should have been at the exJW's meetup at the Carlton Gardens today, we have so much fun, even Santa turned up.

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