Guidelines For Proper Uses For Sold Kingdom Halls

by Charles Gillette 10 Replies latest jw friends

  • Charles Gillette
    Charles Gillette

    How does the Watchtower dispose of Kingdom Halls no longer usable because of poor attendance and or merging with another Kingdom Hall.The rank and file contributed lots of money to keep it active.

    Then they tell us their not using it anymore.Where does the money for that hall go. And what they do with the money they get for the sale of that property. They certainly don't give the rank and file anything.

    And what use will the new owners use it for. Maybe a Disco,Gym, or some other unseemly use.

    I ask this because I just read about how the Vatican is drafting guidelines on proper uses for unneeded sold churches in an increasingly secularized society.


  • Giordano

    In many situations the land is worth far more then the building it self. Older KH's now in a fast growing area can be very profitable for the Society who now I believe hold most or all of the deeds.

    There is a lot of uprooting going on in the JW world. My wife's sister and her husband helped build their hall 30 years ago...... it's now up for sale and those JWs now have a 60 mile round trip to attend the closest Hall.

    Long winters, hills, ice and snow put a great burden on those who still want to attend.

  • Charles Gillette
    Charles Gillette

    The money goes into the world wide work fund and then is used to settle multi million dollar cases for their child abuse issues. Blueblades

  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog

    Well this is what's happening with one while the new property developer owner waits for planning.

  • steve2

    The main official reason given some years ago when the organization stopped the home-based Book Study meeting was to save the brothers and sisters the burden of increased fuel costs required traveling to that meeting. Now they would only have to travel twice weekly to meetings. How very thoughtful!

    Fast forward several years and now JWs are required to travel significantly greater distances to even get to the Kingdom Hall requiring far more fuel than the local Book Study ever did.

    How is this greater distance going to make meeting attendance for “newly interested ones” attractive given you likely have to travel outside your immediate district?

    Answer: This is an organization that is shifting away from new recruiting to focusing on those already in the fold. But what a weird way to do it.

  • stuckinarut2

    Great article Lost In The Fog! Thanks for that newspaper link.

    That will be the first time that building has ever contributed to the welfare of people in a positive manner!

  • sparrowdown

    Seems WT are now in the business of disposable real estate.

  • FeelingFree

    This KH was sold a while ago and now being used as a tattoo and piercing studio! 😲 Now they have to travel fair distance to share a nearby hall. Is a prime location so must of made a packet on it.

  • Biahi

    How about a weed shop?

  • Perry

    I guess people still go there to get marked.

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