Pennsylvania abuse scandal

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  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    This is the latest Catholic scandal . . . And all that JWs in my area have been talking about gleefully. Have any other PIMO's here experienced that? Of course we here see the irony. As a matter of fact, when they said it was over a thousand cases over the years, that immediately brought to mind the Australian Royal Commission, which was also about over 1,000 cases of unreported abuse. Has anybody had a chance to bring that to anybody's attention as tactfully as possible? I certainly will try if I have the chance.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    Interesting that there are no comments after 4 hours on this thread.

    Yes it has been gleefully brought to my attention by active JWs. It’s in line with the “whataboutism” we suffer in USA politics.

    Point the finger somewhere else and maybe it will take the attention off your own screwups.

    My response is along the lines of pointing to the fact that the Catholic Curch as accepted blame, responsibility and liability and promised to do better.

    Has Watchtower done that? Will they ever?

    On a mathematical scale I’m certain Watchtower is just as egregious if not more so than the CC. They haven’t suffered punitively enough to bring them to their knees.

    Still the CC has work to do. Anyone who knew or covered up, deal with them as harshly as the abusers themselves.

    Watchtowr’s day of reckoning is coming. It may take 80 years like the retribution for the CC survivors. We may not see it in our lifetime. But it’s coming.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    It is a chance to do some trickery I say. Of course it is up to you if you want to do this. But I would make some comments after they bashed the Catholics and their faith.

    Any religion that hides such terrible crimes, can't be the true religion right?

    I wonder how many Catholics are saying "Well the pope -archbishop etc are just men and they make mistakes! Aren't children's well being, physical and mental, worth protecting? Why didn't they go to the police? Only a religion that is more interested in saving face and money, tells their followers not to take it to the authorities.

    It would be great if they agreed or added something similar. Then hopefully soon, when the WT is taking to task in a public way, you can remind them they thought those things were terrible about another religion, why aren't they taking the same stance for the WT?

    Might give it a try. I do stuff like that at work. Never know when the last straw will happen for a JW.

  • freddo

    When I stood in front of the CoBE and his sidekick and told them about my concerns at the child abuse and the findings of the ARC and asked him whether he had seen any of it (the ARC) he admitted he had "a little bit" and he asked me whether I had seen the investigation into the Catholic Church and how it was "much worse".

    I said I expect it of false religion (name), but aren't we supposed to be the one true religion? We (jw's) seem to have more cases proportionately than the Catholics!

    He rambled on about imperfect men and so I said "well I'm an imperfect man too - perhaps you'd like to cut me some slack and leave me alone?" and I walked away.

    Funnily he has never tried to engage me again - always sending his sidekick who has finally given up.

  • WTWizard

    I have some bad news for those jokehovian witlesses that think their religion is above this. Every single xian religion is responsible for this. When you have such strict repression of natural sexuality that is found in that damnation book, you are going to have problems of this sort. The cat lick church does not have a monopoly on this crap.

    And neither is the xian faith alone on it. Islam is full of crap like this--just look at what is going on with muslims being dumped on Europe ruining that continent. They are much more open about it--and more openly violent. But, it is the same crap. And judaism is just as bad. As I see it, all three have to go.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    freddo, I like that point about being an imperfect man . . . They use that all the time as an excuse for themselves, but not for others.


    It sounds like Satan is attacking the Catholic Church legally…

    DD 😂😂😂

  • Dagney

    In the last few years I connected with a bunch of teenage friends on FB. Out of the dozen there is only one that is still a JW. She's very nice, and before I accepted her friend request, I told her I was not going to meetings and was celebrating all the holidays. She still wanted to be friends so I hesitantly accepted.

    A while back she took to task a few of the exJW friends for something they posted, I'm thinking it was about the abuse issue, but I forget. I really want her to read what I choose to post so I'm pretty careful what I "Like" or post.

    So yesterday I put the NY Times article on my timeline. I commented that the noose was tightening on all those who have blamed children, made them face their perp without their parents in front of a panel of men, and continue to protect the corporations instead of the victims. She knows who I'm talking about. There were multiple comments from people she knew. I also said I didn't know how these men sleep at night. I know she sees what I post because she readily comments. I want her to know...the noose is tightening.

  • Vidiot


    ...I think the WTS' decades-spanning finger-pointing at the RCC over institutionalized sexual abuse is - hands down, without a doubt - the single most ironic religious fumble in recent Western history.

    I mean, jeezus (no pun intended)...

    ...there's regular, garden-variety rock-throwing-in-glass-houses stoopid...

    ...and then there's holy-shit, epic-facepalming, Here-Comes-Honey-Boo-Boo-roadkill-eating stoopid.

    Just my opinion.

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