When clerics wear hats they're a hoot!

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  • oppostate
  • oppostate

    Geoff in Kazakhstan Convention

  • oppostate
  • steve2

    Posing with a priest at a Regional Convention is surely a coup!

    You've heard of "trophy wives" - now there are "trophy priests" - ideal for self-aggrandizing selfies.

    Indeed, it is likely to now be official: Each hour - or part thereof - you spend with a bearded and garbed priest earns triple hours.

    The JW-brother is to be commended for not wearing his new tee-shirt, emblazoned with the words, "THIS IS MY PRIEST - KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF HIM!"

  • oppostate

    Maybe cavorting with clerics is the new in-thing at JW.0rg

    And maybe the other GB members will start wearing clerical bonnets! Heh!

    The hat Geoff is wearing belongs to the tall bro on the right I think, the photo was taken at the District Convention.

    I think Geoff likes to dress up. There's a video of him giving a talk wearing a pacific islander male wrap skirt instead of pants!

  • shepherdless

    I always found Shiite cleric hats amusing; like giant marshmallows:

    But if they are anti-american, then the white marshmallow turns black, as if influenced by Hollywood:

    Nothing beats those Orthodox bishops, though, in the silly hat competition:

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    There's nothing like a silly hat to convince believers that you are close to God.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Greek Orthodox ...

    Image result for greek orthodox priests in full dress

    Roman Catholic ...

    Image result for roman catholic priests in full dress

    ... and Stephen Lett. He looks silly enough without a hat!

    Image result for stephen lett silly face

  • steve2

    No, no, no. I disagree. Lett NEEDS a hat badly - preferably one with a heavy veil that covers his god awful face.

    On the topic of "well-arranged" selfies: I used to stalk nuns at conventions, now I seek out clerics with hats.

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