Zoom and JW.org working together.

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  • skin

    Who is hosting who here?


    Our KH zoom meeting invites are now coming in from JW.org, but are still hosted by the local elders. Meeting participant's won't notice much difference in the way it is run. But here are a few I have noted.

    1: Using chat when a KH meeting is running has been disabled.

    2: If your camera is off, your profile photo will not be displayed, only your login name will show.

    3: If an assembly is planned but canceled in your area, your email address that is connected to your zoom account will recieve a link to watch the assembly program on JW broadcasting, clicking on that link in the email not only takes you to the program, but also pings the sender to let them know that your email was used to access the broadcast.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina
    Time for anyone with half an ounce of common sense to get out now.
  • jazzmaniac91

    This is why I haven't logged into any of these meetings. The invasion of privacy/ control they're attempting to exert through Zoom disturbs me.

  • Splash

    I found that adding a couple of entries into the routers blacklist stopped all the privacy concerns.

  • Gorbatchov

    No jw.org in my home.



    So now all the local brainwashing sessions are modeled after the JW Broadcasting propaganda sessions... 🤢

    How would like to be subjected to an even more boring version of J-Dumb Broadcasting? Or, how would you like to be an Elder who has to give scripted talks all the time? 🤢🤢

    Before my last meeting ever, they had just made some changes to the “School” and I think they did away with the #4 talk or made it more scripted? It was some kind of change that limited freedom of research or something... I actually liked reading and researching and delivering a topic in an interesting way, and quite frankly I was an excellent public speaker. Way better than 95% of what you hear at Conventions. I wasn’t bombastic, but I wasn’t boring like a robot. I was just me, and had some talent.

    I suppose that’s why “Jehovah” didn’t want me to be a MS, because I was too good and knew the Bible too well, and studied too much and used a Concordance and thought too deeply... I remember my Ex getting angry/embarrassed because I spent more time reading the Bible and highlighting passages and checking cross references then I spent watching the speakers/program.. PROGRAM... ain’t that the truth!!

    I remember my last “School” assignment. Keep in mind that I had just went through several inquisitions for “Apostate tendencies” for questioning the biblical basis for the “10 Hour” service rule. Apparently it’s not a rule, but just a guideline.. 😂

    Any-who... we moved to another Congo, my Ex thought a new start would fix me.. and the point that I needed to work on for the “School” was..... wait for it.... ( keep in mind I’m an adult who is studying Hebrew and Greek...) .... Accurate Reading. 😑😑

    This is the ORG folks... As mentioned on another post, they lost any semblance of intellect decades ago. But you know what? That’s how they want it because it’s a Cult.

    They want a cookie cutter mass of sheeple that STFU and read their scripts and curb their curiosity and don’t ask questions. Oh yeah, don’t forget the sacred privilege of monetary donations! 😂


  • LongHairGal


    You are absolutely right that they want a cookie cutter mass of sheeple.

    ANYBODY with any intelligence and leanings towards being academic is a threat and must be squashed. That’s why some semi-literate (and probably jealous) brother was only too happy to give you the point to work on being ‘Accurate Reading’.

    Obviously, this was not your problem but these Witness fools wanted to knock you down several pegs and have you chasing your tail.. This is why they have lost their best and brightest. Thinking people are not wanted in the Witness religion.


    The Gibbering Buddies love to say, “The Theocratic School is the only one you will never graduate from!”

    No shit..... If you’re not a brain dead, submissive drone without ambition or normal human pride then you’re labeled as rebellious and influenced by Satan. No wonder the GB constantly tell the Sheeple to be lowly, content, submissive, ect. What a soul crushing cult for all but the walking dead..


  • truthlover123

    Well interesting. Question: if they are able to obtain your e mail address, the ip address would also be known?

    Then IF you were to log in to jw.org, could they cross reference your information to tracing other sites you would log into? Did they buy into Zoom? Or buy Zoom?

    What is going on??

  • skin
    Did they buy into Zoom? Or buy Zoom?

    Zoom is free. In my area, when the local brothers first set up zoom for JW meetings, those who set it up used our email address so they could send out the invites to access the zoom meeting. It is those email address's that have now received the email invite from jw.org to watch the online assembly program.

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