Watchtower Coercion of Non-JWs

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  • Lee Elder
    Lee Elder

    It is widely known that the Watchtower coerces compliance with its deadly blood dogma. A less known fact is that this pressure is further extended to non-believing family members of JW's. A new story at AJWRB recounts how JW elders nearly cost the life of one unbeliever when he fell gravely anemic. Subscribe at AJWRB to receive the latest updates and experiences.

  • Lee Elder
    Lee Elder

    Here is another experience via a comment on this story at AJWRB. This one does not have a happy ending, and it yet another factor in why our death estimate is low:

    JV on August 18, 2017 at 1:29 PM

    During one of my travels, I met a fellow about my age (in his late 60s) at an ex-JW meetup. He learned about me while reading articles on the Internet and was looking forward to having a conversation.

    During our conversation, he literally broke down and cried right in front of me. It is rare to see a man of his age just completely break down like that – but he could not control his emotions. I just sat there and waited until he was able to regather his composure.

    “I killed my father. I didn’t want to do that – I wanted him to live. But I felt I had no choice. I refused to let him have a blood transfusion. I looked at his eyes and I could see him begging me to allow him a chance to live – and I refused. I’ve carried that burden of guilt ever since.”

    Then he shared a most shocking revelation: His father was not, and never had been a Jehovah’s Witness. While his father was struggling to live waiting for him to allow the doctors to proceed with needed treatment that included one or more transfusions – he blocked them from performing their healing therapy. “I might as well have pointed a gun at my fathers head and pulled the trigger,” he added – tears streaming down his face.

    I won’t go on with his story because I do not want to give away more information about him that might identify who he is. My point is that the elders were able to convince him to engage himself and force their blood transfusion policies on a man who was not, and never had been a JW. He remarked, “If there ever was a case of ‘blood guilt,’ I am it. I was truly responsible for the death of my own father.”

    I’ve completely lost contact with that fellow over the years, so I do not know his current status. I do hope that he sees this and send me a reply. But the point is that those elders truly carry the blame (or at least part of it) for convincing someone to withhold a blood transfusion from a parent who was never a JW. The same thing applies to JW parents making those same decisions for their ill children – babies who never had a chance to make their own choices. If there is a “God” – I can not imagine that he-she-it would ever have intended for anyone to die needlessly over a ridiculous rule from 3500 years ago. I could almost imagine Him saying, “Jesus Christ! I gave you the knowledge of how to utilize blood transfusions to save lives – and now you reject my gift? What the hell are you thinking?!!!!”

  • BluesBrother

    "My point is that the elders were able to convince him to engage himself and force their blood transfusion policies on a man who was not, and never had been a JW. "

    My father was never a Witness, disagreed with the blood issue. My Mum and I agreed that if ever he needed one, he should have it, since he had never accepted the faith.

    That just seemed the logical and right thing to do. We did not wait for elders to tell us.

  • jhine

    There isn't a rule from 3500 years ago banning blood transfusions . Jews believe( d) in the sanctity of life .


  • Lee Elder
    Lee Elder

    It makes you wonder how many unbelieving spouses, and other relatives have experienced this kind of pressure from their JW family, and elders at the local congregation.

  • Giordano

    Another good reason for a non JW to have a notarized medical directive that allows for a blood transfusion especially if a close family member who is a JW is involved in the process.

    What I don't understand is since his son could see that the man wanted the treatment why didn't the doctors clarify that the son was objecting on a religious belief one that the father did not share.

  • nonjwspouse

    My husband told me his non JW uncle claimed he would not take blood "out of respect for his JW wife!". I am not sure I believe that. If it is true, it is scary.

    His uncle is a non-practicing 7th day Adventist that allowed his wife to raise the two daughters completely in the JW faith. He never attended meetings.

    I see the spiritual PTSD of the daughter that walked away in her early 20's, and the damage it has done to the two children of the other daughter that is married to an elder. She "homeschooled" with pretty much no emphasis on learning much of anything outside of the preaching work. She left the learning up to them, with a book, by themselves. She had no respect for learning "worldly" subjects, which is exactly the type of parent that has no place in homeschooling.

  • sparrowdown

    When I was in my JW friend's not a JW never been a JW or ever been interested in being a JW widowed mother broke her hip and my JW friend along with her JW husband insisted the Drs treat the non JW mother without blood. This pissed the Drs off to be sure, but, since the mother was in no condition to speak for herself it left the Drs in a difficult position with the next of kin relative insisting on no blood.

    I told my friend she wasn't violating any witness rules by allowing her mother to have the surgery along with any necessary treatments but my friend was so repulsed by the idea of blood she said she couldn't allow it. The Drs just went around my friend and called the alternate in case of emergency numbers listed on the ladies file and this relative wasn't a JW and said hell yeah do whatever you need to - so they did while my friend wasn't at the hospital.

    Incidentally the lady ended up dying a couple years later of something unrelated and the JW daughter insisted witness material and scriptures be read at her non JW memorial service with mostly non JW family and friends of the woman attending.

  • Lee Elder
    Lee Elder

    Sparrowdown: This speaks to the blood phobias instilled in JWs by Watchtower. Clearly, they know a non-JW is under no restriction from using blood. Now perhaps someone would argue that the restriction applies to all because of the Noachian covenant. I would call nonsense on that because that is strictly a Watchtower interpretation that is universally rejected by Christian and Jewish scholars.

  • Lee Elder
    Lee Elder

    Sparrowdown: Please post your story in the comment section of the story at AJWRB so it doesn't get lost to time. Thanks.

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