Update on my life as a Jehovah’s Witness Teen after running away

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  • zeb

    Yourparents etal have also had a rattling by you leaving as you did and I have no doubts they have had their "ear" chewed so right now they are scared of more stern words from the elders if you do a runner again.

    Sex.. now if you are going to do...it. Prepare!

  • menrov

    I do not know the details but if you are about 20 years old with a job, move out and build your own life. Show your sister it is possible. Make friends at your work or via your boyfriend. In my experience, still visiting the meetings will make you more depressive. Your parents should allow you to build your own life and find your own happiness. Equally you are happy for them to follow their lives. Leaving the WT does not mean you leave God, as God does not live in houses or buildings. Use medication if needed but change of life is also strongly recommended. I started to support some charities in the community. Very rewarding. I hope this other view is also helpful.

  • Freedom rocks
    Freedom rocks

    Hi Just to let you know you are not alone and our hearts and thoughts are with you. It's very hard to leave the religion, it took me over 2 years to pluck up the courage to do it but I'm so much happier now. I've made new friends and they all have different beliefs and don't judge each other for them. They accept you for who you are as a person not for what your religion is.

    You are an adult now and you make your own decisions, your parents don't make them for you now. They certainly can't force you to stay in the religion, they might have given birth to you but they don't own you. Do what makes you happy not what will make them happy or you'll have so many regrets. Live life to the full and enjoy making new friends and learning new things.

    As for your other post about going on a date, just be yourself, go at your own pace and if he likes and respects you then he'll accept your boundaries. If he doesn't then he's not the right person. Just relax and have fun and do an activity together that is fun and lightens the atmosphere such as bowling or archery or something. The conversation will flow naturally.

  • Londo111

    If you have not already, begin to research this organization and its teachings. Read about cults, mind control, the BITE model. If you cannot physically free yourself, mentally free yourself, that way when you are able, you can break the cycle mentally and emotionally and never get sucked back in.

  • Onager


    I'm thinking of you and your awful situation. Stay strong! Reading your post it did occur to me that you are now in the perfect place to start a "Fade". You could start staying home for some meetings because of the stress of people judging you, but say you'll listen in (but don't!). Gradually break up the routines that they try to impose on you. Never volunteer for anything, be "sick" on ministry mornings. There are lots of posts on here about how to fade!

    I had sudden pangs of anxiety and fear for years after I broke free. The armageddon fear took ages to go away particularly. It was reading up on the religion that helped me, and reading up on high control religions generally. If you watch some youtube videos on the Mormons or Scientology you'll see how many similarities there are to how they work. Then the JW's become just another high control religion and their power to control or cause fear fades away.

  • Vidiot


    ...you parents wanted you out of the house...

    ...but they also wanted you to stay so they could keep you a JW...

    ...you know, I actually believe this.

    Weirdly enough, It reminds me of Harry Potter and his relatives, the Dursleys.

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