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  • Researchedandenlightened

    Can anyone tell me when, and why Jehovahs Witnesses hold evening gala,s / ball with full Tuxedo,s and evening gowns ? is it uk only as i have heard family throughout the UK attend these events (jw only) of course !

    What is the purpose of these events and how long have the dubs being doing so ? Anyone know ?

  • stan livedeath
  • Researchedandenlightened

    I am aware of witnesses holding these events in a few parts of the UK ....Just wondering if anyone else has heard of such events and what the purpose of them is ?

    Remember barn-dances/ country music events held in the 70,s have these events replaced them as a social gathering for witnesses ?

  • just fine
    just fine

    25 years ago I went to a few of them. It was just fun to get dressed up.

  • respectful_observer

    There were quite a few of these in my later teen years through early 30s.

    In my view, there were a few of likely reasons.

    1. Most/many witnesses never participated in typical "rites of passage"-- school dances, junior/senior proms, homecoming dances, etc. These formals allow them to experience something similar.

    2. They tend to be a good opportunity to expand your dating pool. Look your best and meet prospective boyfriends/girlfriends.

    3. My personal feeling is JWs dressing more formally than the average person on the street for events like church, these "formals", etc., is rooted in an inherent inferiority complex. Deep in their brains, they realize their general lack of college education excludes them from many of the career choices "The World" sees as prestigious, or at least upper middle class. As a result, they try (albeit misguided) to "dress the part"-- silk pocket handkerchiefs (please, that is so 1990s Men's Wearhouse...along with dark colored dress shirts...pretty sure JWs are the only ones who still buy/wear those), pinkie signet rings, etc. Attending a formal, black tie affair is just another manifestation of that, for many. Of course, hosting said Black Tie Affair at the local public rental hall instead of the St. Regis, Ritz, private club, rather takes away the grandeur.

    4. As @just fine says, it's "just fun to get dressed up"

  • Researchedandenlightened
    As @just fine says, it's "just fun to get dressed up"

    I suppose they cannot wear them silly rags at the drama at the assemblies anymore so stepped it up with the tuxedo and evening gowns ?

    Life as a jw has certainly changed for back in the day !

  • freddo

    Never been to one but have a now married friend who used to on occasion. They seem to largely be singles and divorcees often not "appointed as E/MS" - maybe a few married with no kids who like to socialise and my friend would travel quite long distances (in UK terms) to go - sort of 50 - 100 miles - as they tended to be held in the catchment areas of London, Birmingham, Manchester or some other major city.

    Dunno about Scotland - maybe they put on a kilt and dance round swords!

  • cofty
    Dunno about Scotland - maybe they put on a kilt and dance round swords!

    They are called a 'ceilidh' - pronounced 'kay-lay'.

    Great fun but no swords.

  • tiki

    Seriously??? All I know of here in USA that moms used to do a thing in the fall where their kids would wear costumes.....the anti-halloween.....thought big get togethers were banned years ago....

  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    We used to have them when I was growing up. I went to a few. The invitations clearly stated that the guys had to wear tuxedos. So my buddy and I show up wearing tuxedos and guess what? We were the only ones wearing them. We just blew $100+ on tux rentals. WTF? The whole event was lame anyway. The event was a freakin' dude ranch, hardly any sisters.

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