Jehovah cares for the poor

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  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    The video for midweek. walking 25 km, stay in a witness home and the topper, selling a chicken for money to feed 2 or 3 families. All while wearing a tie.

  • pistolpete

    the topper, selling a chicken for money to feed 2 or 3 families. All while wearing a tie.

    I usually eat a whole chicken when I sit down for a meal. Along with salad, fruit, a drink. And that's when I'm watching my weight. My girl is a healthy eater too. And the kids are walking mouths, they seem to eat all day.

    So feeding 2 or 3 families with one chicken, I just don't see that unless the family was;

  • mickbobcat

    More Bull shit from the fuckedup degenerate slave. Jehovah has never taken care of shit because he is a made up entity.

  • WTWizard

    Jole-hova cares so much about the poor, that it wants everyone to be poor. It is videos like these that put in your subconscious that being poor is a virtue. This is why so many remain poor, even if they don't choose poverty openly. That joke-hova scorns people that seek wealth and affluence is pretty blatant--even that fictitious jesus "said" that it is easier for a camel to get through the eye of an ordinary sewing needle than for anyone with any riches to attain salvation. And taught that all wealth was subject to total destruction--any wonder why people keep losing everything for disaster or crime, just as they are starting to accumulate a little?

    And constantly being admonished by this fictitious entity to sell everything you have and give to the poor? Which will make you poor, which is exactly what joke-hova and its filthy reptilians want for us. Poor, sick people make better slaves than rich, healthy ones--and joke-hova wants us all to be enslaved. And that is just what the bible itself says--perhaps one more reason to throw that bad luck, curse-filled piece of trash away (preferably after desecrating it)?

    Of course, the washtowel makes it even worse. Direct orders to not get a decent job and to waste whatever money you chance to have in field circus. Ballyhooing people that braved crocodiles and beatings just to attend these self-cursing sessions--people that are probably as fictitious as jesus itself. Constant hounding to throw away any money you happen to have on donations or giving toward this enslavement work, and being put down for having nice things. Perhaps that, along with that bible that is bad luck simply to own, needs to be desecrated and thrown away.

  • punkofnice

    I'm sure the invisible Mafia boss in the sky provides and protects.............just like the Lillelid family.

    Strewth! Are the paedophile protecting men in Warwick still pedalling this rubbish?

    It's okay, I know the answer.

  • TheOldHippie

    You misunderstood, pistolpete. They sold a hen and for the money they got for it, they were able to feed a couple of families for the days in question.

    By the way, when my wife and I buy a chicken for dinner, we have enough food to last for two days - which means four dinners, then. You say you eat one chicken for dinner. I guess that explains the difference observed in body size between European and US citizens ..................

  • solomon
    I feel for all of the people in poorer countries. A lot of the financial problems people face are because of corrupt government.
    In wealthier nations the leadership in the jw religion seems to want to keep its members poor. If you are striving to get ahead financially but miss meetings, field service or heaven forbid get a university degree you will be labeled spiritually weak.
    The way the jw spiritual stratification system is set up costs a lot of time and money for the members that mentally accept it. To make “spiritual progress” in the organization one has to miss out on many opportunities in life. To pioneer, be an elder, attend international conventions, serve where the need is great all require sacrifices that this cowboy just isn’t willing to make. Ironically it was a working for a “worldly” corporation that woke me up to how organizations use up people.
  • punkofnice

    I remember when I left the Jobo cult and did voluntary work at a soup kitchen. My Jobo missus (who left me and got married to another Jobo), said, 'those people don't need food, they need the Watchtower!!!'

    Yes, I know.....typical of a fully hypnotised cultie.

  • solomon
    That’s why they talk about Jehovah more than Jesus. Jesus actually fed the poor. Jehovah just killed anyone that pissed him off. Kinda like disfellowshipping, except you’re dead.
  • S0ShowdidIgethere

    Yes, this was almost everyone's favorite part last night lol

    Time to sell a chicken, the brothers are coming!

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