Do pregnant sisters wear the tight, formfitting dresses like those women of "the world" do?

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  • ShirleyW

    Just wondering about that as I was watching the news tonight with Lester Holt, the weatherperson was Dylan Dryer I believe her name is, who is also on the Today Show, she was wearing what pregnant women have been wearing for more than ten years now which is the formfitting style of maternity dress. Just wondering if the sisters in the hall are doing the same thing, because back in the day the old Elderettes and female Pioneers would have an earful to say about a pregnant women who doesn't wear the appropriate maternity wear, showing off that big belly and so on. Btw, I don't care for that style on pregnant women at all, too revealing to me, I don't have kids but couldn't imagine showing off a 30lb belly like that, seems a bit inappropriate to me, IMHO I guess I should add here.

  • rebel8

    IMHO it isn't inappropriate. It's not like her vajayjay is showing or something. It's an outline of a belly.

    Taste is another matter entirely though.

    You'd think the dubbies wouldn't want to show off pregnancies so much. Woe to the woman bearing children during these times or whatever. Yet it does seem to be a big deal to them, cause for celebration. Kinda hypocritical.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    I fantasize at the sight of a pregnant woman.

  • Listener

    If it's okay for Coco Rocha then it must be okay for everyone else, or was it simply that she didn't get Morris' note about Spanx?

    I've gotten used to the look and it probably only comes off if you have the body for it (and a belly button that doesn't stick out).

  • Vidiot

    I hated the condemnatory attitude of older JWs toward young unwed mothers in the congregations; I thought it was really f**king mean. I always made a point of congratulating them no matter what, and telling them how nice they looked.

    And no, I was not trying to score MILF points... I genuinely meant it.

    Also, it was one of my little birdflips to the uptight, conservative crowd. :smirk:

  • corruptgirl

    Well i didn't...and most who i know didn't. I wore those long to the floor loose dresses. My belly still showed quite a bit cuz i was HUGE! One sister i know who is a pioneer though took her maternity pics in a very tight and very short dress. Another had her maternity pics in lingerie and open sheer gown on top which exposed her belly. You can go ahead and take those pics but to put them in Facebook is a bit inappropriate for a jw. I remember when i was still in i was talking to other mommies about leggings during it was the most comfortable thing to wear and we literally had to excuse ourselves for doing so. We even mentioned how Tony Morris said it was inappropriate!😂

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