Praises the WT for JW apps but sneers at members with higher education, in 2018

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  • ohnightdivine

    I guess we all know the answer why this still happens... but really, why?

    Just a month ago I was having some conversation with this sister and since I'm on inactive status, she was trying to get me to download ALL those JW apps because the "work is speeding up" and I shouldn't be missing out on anything from the org. Especially when they come up with all these "provisions" that intend only to benefit the members. Why would anyone dare to "ignore" these apps that are already laid out so beautifully for us to use, was her point, spoken in a nice way.

    But then I forgot she is one among the members I know that don't agree much about people going to universities, since WT does not like people pursuing higher education.

    My point is, and I know that everyone already knows this (I only wanted to get this out of my head again), is that:

    - How will you develop these JW apps if you don't have software engineers, project managers, UX designers, software testers, cloud engineers, database administrators, etc? The reason you are finding these apps to be "beautifully created" is that the people behind these projects STUDIED in college. Web development? Mobile app development? Project Management? Most of the technical stuff need to be learned systemically at school. These aren't something one can learn on a weekend.

    Same goes for all the medical advancements (including what is always emphasized as breakthrough techniques in bloodless surgery, etc.). I guess WT and some its deeply-indoctrinated members forget that doctors and researchers wouldn't have had achieved that if they did not pursue higher education.

    Same goes for lawyers who need to defend the WT from all these child abuse cases. Don't you think they studied back in college and even pursued their own specializations?

    Ok, that's it. Rant over..

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    What can you say? The WT demands ignorance of the majority of it's followers, but decorates itself with the educationally accomplished.

  • smiddy3

    That is an excellent OP ohnightdivine I couldn`t agree with you more.

    On the one hand they condemn higher education

    and on the other hand they praise the works that higher education producers .

    Just another example of the G.B. / J.W. speaking out of both sides of their mouth .

  • Sigfrid Mallozzi
    Sigfrid Mallozzi
    Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Michael Dell didn't graduate college, just saying.
  • Giordano

    A year or so ago they sent out a letter to all of the congregations (or just USA?) asking for College Level graduates to volunteer to assist the Society in certain area's. Funny that.

    Bethel started to be restricted to AA grads a while back who actually had a skill set in anything that could be put to good use. And they have been known to pay for law school for JW's who will 'pay it off' working for the Society......... probably protecting pedophiles.

    It's not what they's what they do that reveals the down side of being a JW.

  • LV101

    College is not necessary for all and there are the Gates/Jobs/Dells out there but they are few and far between. Previously, most US millionaires weren't college-educated. In today's world (or the past decades) it certainly helps and is a huge push start. A basic college education is a stepping stone and not much when many have masters, doctorates, on and on, and it's a very competitive world. Fewer college-educated individuals suffered from the 8 yr. recession and the majority make more income per yr. than the non-college graduate.

    WT wants desperate, science-ignorant, people - it's their bread and butter and, of course, they want to make them feel special and chosen while they ostracize the educated. They use/abuse the few educated members they have.

  • Vidiot

    Demonizing education whilst utterly depending on it has gotta be one of the most ironic and mind-fucking aspects of the Watchtower world.

    I mean jeezus, not even the LDS does that.

  • ToesUp

    Yes, WT is wonderful at "using" people. If it benefits WT, well it's okay. I have heard several who attended college say that they took a lot of shit for attending BUT when WT could "use" their services all was well.

    Sorry, my spouse and I don't take too kindly to being used. WT will NEVER receive a moment of our time or another cent we have earned!

  • LongHairGal

    TOES UP:

    Like you and your spouse, I never took kindly to being used. I saw the Witness attitude towards college and people with careers and was determined I wouldn’t so much as give them the time of day.

    They created a lot of problems with their anti-college/career teaching..Anybody who listened to them is finding themselves in a bad situation now...The idea that they can denounce somebody who went to college and got skills or a profession, and NOW think they are going to ‘use’ them is too much to tolerate.

    Likewise, they imagine they are going to ask for money from people they criticized for their jobs!👎🏻

    If I were stupid enough to still be attending the hall..I’m sure it’s like walking a gauntlet of Users and deadbeats asking for money..However, my experience with the JWs give me a finely honed skill of spotting Users and other types you see a lot of in the world today!

  • steve2

    Ohnightdivine, you have discovered something about JW organization that smacks of jaw-dropping hypocrisy.

    The organization is disdainful of JWs gaining higher education but not disdainful of the fruitage/benefits of higher education. What is worse, though, is that if you, as an active JW, already have the needed professional credentials that the organization wants, they will seek out your (free) services and put you top of the list way ahead of the rank and file JWs who have obediently followed the organization's counsel and don't have higher education.

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