The Guardian: Australian Catholic church has paid $276m to abuse victims so far, inquiry shows

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  • AndersonsInfo

    Royal commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse releases data showing 4,445 have come forward

    Australian Associated Press

    Wednesday 15 February 2017 20.31 EST

    The Catholic Church in Australia has paid $276m in compensation to thousands of people sexually abused as children by priests and religious brothers.

    The victims who have come forward to the church have received on average $91,000, according to data released by the royal commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse on Thursday.

    In total 4,445 people have made abuse claims to the church but that number still does not reveal the true extent of abuse in Catholic institutions in Australia as many victims never come forward.

    “The royal commission’s experience is that many survivors face barriers which deter them from reporting abuse to authorities and to the institution in which the abuse occurred,” senior counsel assisting the commission Gail Furness SC said.

    “Accordingly, the total number of incidences of child sexual abuse in Catholic church institutions in Australia is likely to be greater than the claims made.”

    The commission’s analysis of church records showed more than 3,000 child abuse claims resulted in payments for redress, of which 2,854 resulted in monetary compensation.

    A significant number of claims are ongoing, the inquiry heard.

    Furness said Catholic church authorities have paid $276.1m in total, a sum that includes compensation and amounts for treatment, legal and other costs.

  • LostGeneration

    Oh my that's massive.

    Wouldn't be surprised if it comes out that the WT has paid ZERO to victims so far.

    Really hope the ARC releases numbers on them next month.

  • Listener

    The JWs don't even need victims to come forward, they've got a list.

  • zeb

    Thankyou Listener.........."The JWs don't even need victims to come forward, they've got a list."

    As I understand it. The wt has a different company owning all kh. In fact the wt has several companies operating under various names.

    Every cong they have listed as an individual charity.

    All cong funds above 5k have been transferred to the ny head office.

    So if and when a compensation amount is declared to be paid by the wt to an abuse victim they will say 'we have no money' and dump the matter on the individual congregation. Elders are to be thrown under a bus.

    At least it looks like this is what they will try to do.

  • kairos

    I can't see any court falling for the claim that WT is poor or honoring their corporations.

  • stuckinarut2

    And the society has taken measures to ensure it can play the "sorry, we don't have any money" card when the penalties are called in!

  • steve2

    "And the society has taken measures to ensure it can play the "sorry, we don't have any money" card when the penalties are called in!"

    This has never ever let anyone or any organization off the hook. Courts can put holds on property and other assets or impose other penalties as seen fit.

  • smiddy

    I think the ARC and ,those conducting it are well aware of JW lawyers trying to decieve the commission with their tactics judging by the previous court appearances . Case 29

    But of course it remains to be seen how it will play out in their next appearance in March ?

    At least the R.C.Church has acknoweledged its appalling attitude to the abuse of so many victims by members of the clergy and are committed to pay the price.

    Are Jehovahs Witnesses going to be so honest ? and acknoledge their failure to protect the children under their care ? in their congregations ?

    And what about discouraging parents of child victims from going to the authorities because it would bring reproach on Jehovahs name and his earthly organization.

    That the Governing Body , the JW legal department , and Bethel in Australia knew of at least 1006 cases of Child sexual abuse against children and not one of these upward of 3018 Elders involved in these cases , not one of them ever contacted child protection services or the police ,and neither did the Australian Bethel Branch that knew about these abuses nor did the Governing Body in New York who were informed of these abuses ever notified the appropiate authorities..

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    It would be good if they have to sell off one of their new glossy properties such as the Walkill development to pay for their sins.

  • darkspilver

    FYI the original information for the OP's Guardian web article is available to read in full here:,-february-2017,-sydney

    The monetary aspects are fully explained in both -

    Transcripts: Ms Gail Furness opening words from Day 250 - 16 February 2017


    Themes: Data Introduction

    For those that prefer to watch and listen rather than read - then please watch the below video (from 30 seconds in, ie: right at the start)

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