Gradualism for the blood doctrine?

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  • MrRoboto

    Perhaps the letter is regional? Based on perception of legal liability in particular countries? I would like to see this letter as well.

  • sparrowdown

    I doubt the doctrine will be dropped they just won't have a formal dedicated meeting part about it anymore. Makes sense really considering the litigous climate they now find themselves in.

  • jonahstourguide

    Our meeting was Thursday night and we just got a re-hash of disaster bags. Melbourne.

    Keep Ya posted on next weeks meeting.


  • Finkelstein

    Yes but if there is no specific rule against it, it essentially becomes a conscience matter/

    It only becomes a personal conscience matter without penalties issued when the GB says so.

    To date that hasn't occurred, not even discreetly channeled down to elders or CO's. via a formal letter.

    The GB members are still running the show , regional happenings are less concerning.

  • darkspilver

    FYI around six years ago, there was a move away from renewing the documents every year to every four years

    Letter, December 2, 2011, TO ALL BODIES OF ELDERS - re: Advance Decision to Refuse Specified Medical Treatment document

    There is no longer a need to renew our Advance Decision document on a yearly basis, however, we recommend that publishers renew their document at least every four years and, of course, publishers may for various reasons need to update/renew theirs at any time.

  • zeb

    "curioser and curioser.." (Alice in wonderland)

  • zeb

    When I first came 'in' no one told me that the BD was only started when it was... hm funny that.. if I had known its time origins I would have looked very hard at it. But then there is a whole lot about early days wt I was never told butwhich has come out since especially from sites like this one. Three cheers for the internet!

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