So I was at a jw wedding and guess what!

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  • nowwhat?

    The major topic of conversation was that almost all do not want to go back to the meetings and field service! And we are talking very zealous and active witnesses!

  • hoser

    I think the governing body are aware of that so the guilting and shaming must begin.

    The governing body update number 9 is about how great the governing body is and why we should go back to meetings if we are approved to do so. They also mentioned “look how nice we are as we will have both zoom and physical meetings”.

    Once the physical meetings start up they will do their best to task the middle managers( elders) to shame the proletariat to attend physical meetings.

    The governing body are well aware that they can’t stop zoom cold turkey or most of the dubs will quit. They need to arrange things to get the elders and publishers to coerce the hold outs to come back to the meetings.

    Peer pressure works well and others do your dirty work for you.

  • truth_b_known
  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Well it is easier to sleep. With no picture and sound the snoring doesn't attract attention. There will be a " I told you so" on having children by the withered crones. We decrepit old ones will have an out for a while.

    I do not see a hybrid meeting work. What would work is an honest message not aimed at the slowest mind.

  • hoser

    To motivate the sheep to attend physical meetings they will have to threaten to take away fake privileges or come up with some new fake privileges for those that attend.

  • asp59

    Don't think GB wants to return to kh. They wanna sell khs and run with money. Very strange a so called Christian org members don't want to be in same building as other members. Oh yeah i forgot its a preaching cooperation.

  • joe134cd

    If Wt is to survive, or at least retain some semblance of the org I knew, they need bums on seats in physical buildings.

  • slimboyfat

    Yes I think they’re going to have trouble transitioning back to the Kingdom Hall. But who knows? Maybe they’ve got a plan. Will be interesting to see.

  • Gorb

    Kingdom hall miles. Earn points for a better position in the congregation.


  • FFGhost

    Over on the JW Talk website, which is pretty vigilantly guarded against "apostates", virtually all of the posted comments related to meeting again the KHs is negative.

    It's really surprising (1) that there is so much strong feeling against it and (2) that JW Talk permits it.

    I echo SBF - the WTS is severely underestimating the resistance JWs will have to starting back up to a "normal" routine.

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