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  • Tameria2001

    I had a pop up on my phone from my local news (40/29 Fayetteville, AR) and they are covering the Jehovah's Witness and the Sexual Abuse. Here are the links.

    Silent No More: The Survivors

    Silent No More: The Verdicts

    Silent No More: The Reckoning

  • Giordano
    Map of clergy reporting laws in the US
    Hearst Television
    These states have tougher laws requiring clergy of all faiths to report allegations of child sexual abuse to law enforcement

    Lawmakers are taking notice, moving bills forward in New York, Pennsylvania, California and other states that would require clergy of all faiths to report allegations of abuse, add training or extend the statute of limitations for victims to come forward.

    For Dan Stinnett, the juror in Montana who helped find the Jehovah's Witnesses negligent for failing to protect Alexis Nunez, justice may be blind – but he says his Creator is not.

    "I believe [the Jehovah’s Witnesses] are going to be judged, and I believe it's going to be harsh. Judgment's coming, and it's coming on people just like the people that violated these girls,” Stinnett warned

  • LV101

    About time lawmakers take this seriously -- I sure hope NV follows California in this area of law.

  • blondie

    If you state doesn't have the following, check to see if bills are currently being proposed or have been in the past and who in your state government is supporting this. Contact them and see what you can do to help.

    Require clergy of all faiths to report allegations of abuse

    Add training

    Extend the statute of limitations for victims to come forward.

    Nevada does not seem to have any of these.

  • Giordano

    I am back because I needed to say........ thank you Tameria2001 for sharing this information.

    The Anderson's, Blondie and others have kept this issue alive on this and other forums.

    I consider child abuse as far more important then Armageddon and the Ban on is one of the worst things the WTBTS has done to protect their religion.

    This is going to break the Society's back. One day no door in their community will open to the JW's....... there money will dry up. The Kingdom Halls will go unused . This is what happens to cheap junk religions....but even a billion Catholics are now in a state of flux wondering and keeping a wary eye on their priests and bishops and even their POPE.

    This is how it will end. Jesus said "don't hinder the little child from coming to me."
    Too bad the Christian religions and other non religious groups didn't take those words seriously.

    No religion who allows this crime to go unpunished,,,,,,,,,, can fly high enough to escape.
  • LV101

    I'm sure Nevada is behind the curve but generally follows suit in many areas and legislates whatever California does. I will try to find out.

  • Xjw csaSurvivors
    Xjw csaSurvivors

    Child USA is a great resource for this :

    Also, searching on Google/News :

    "Child Abuse Law"

    Also ,

  • alanv

    I am from the UK and cannot access the links above!

  • Xjw csaSurvivors
    Xjw csaSurvivors

    It's on YouTube, just type in "Silent No More"

  • Xjw csaSurvivors

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