Your View Of Death How Much Does It Effect The Way You Look At The World Around You?

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  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Lets face it the Watchtower's indoctrinations effect the way we look at the world we see governments as tool of the Devil. We look at our relatives different, we will not speak to our own children if disfellowshipped.

    A better world is what Christians promise believers, or hell for those condemned by the deity. Kiss the ass of the deity and go to a better world, and don't forget to put something in the collection plate on Sunday.

    To face death with out the crutch of a future better world for beleivers, is better, as you can cherish the life you are living and be more in the present while facing what ever life throws at you. These other worlds where suffering will end and life go on for an eternity are a form of denial but along with it comes anxiety a nagging feeling that you just can't face head on.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
  • Chook

    It's a one way trajectory, worrying about what you can't change or have control over is the demise of life. Give everyone a cuddle and tell them you love them and you won't have time for to much fairy tale thinking.

  • venus

    Very interesting question, BW.

    Let me make a try:

    We know attitudes are formed from belief; hence belief about what happens after death would certain shape one’s attitude. Hence death may be part of a design (not the result of sin). In limited view, speed breakers on the road are inconvenience or annoyance, but in big picture, they are good because speed breaker near to places like school prevents accidents that can happen to little ones who may come on to the road carelessly.

    Similarly, in limited view death may appear as a curse, but in big picture, death would appear as good. ‘What if there is no death, if one goes on growing more and more vibrant physically, perfecting his skills and talents, and even growing in money power, influence ….etc.? He would probably behave like King David described in the Bible. He was a very humble shepherd boy to start with, then climbed heights, finally became king of Israel, and he seemed almost invincible… then he began to add more wives and numerous women to his harem, he went to the extent of treacherously killing his faithful friend to steal his wife. If people grew extraordinarily great in certain aspects/skills, many of them become callous and arrogant, and it makes life a hell—for them and for others.

    But when the body is in reverse growth towards complete collapse [death], people in general begin to lose the basis for keeping their desires and self-importance. Thus death serves a purpose!

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Knowing your shadow side also has tremendous benefits and makes us more peaceful:

  • Brokeback Watchtower
  • scratchme1010

    Your View Of Death How Much Does It Effect The Way You Look At The World Around You?

    I don't have a specific view of death. My position is that I can't care less. It affects the way I look at the world around positively. The biggest stupidity (in my opinion) that many religions preach and expect from people is wasting this life preparing for the next or expecting that this life is spend earning a good standing in the next. To me that's the most idiotic thing to do with one's life.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    What is the healthy view of life and death? Most it seems love life and are sad that our present lives are limited and will end in death. When our friends and loved ones depart in death it is a time of sadness and grief.

    WT teaches that some will experience a "permanent" death or a death without resurrection. This is, of course, not a truthful teaching as The Word tells us otherwise. The WTBorg Cult Inc. also teaches that the Lake of Fire will be an instrument of extermination and that those who experience it will also be exterminated or destroyed forevermore. This too is an un-scriptural teaching which no doubt originates with that segment of Christendom which teaches Hell and Hellfire.

    "The Truth" is riddled with false doctrine and teaches a "Good News of the Kingdom" which in "truth" is not good news at all. Fortunately, The Word does reveal a Really Good News which is gradually becoming known among those who are fervently seeking Truth. All will be saved; not a single soul will be lost. There is more to the story but the Truth about Death is very encouraging.

  • millie210

    As a JW I spent way too much time sacrificing the "now" for the "later" so called paradise reward. It was a terrible way to try to live and made being in the moment nearly impossible.

    I mean really, Is there some after life? No guarantees. What was I thinking?

    Now that I see life as the state between birth and death I have a richer appreciation for it.

    I savor moments as the bright sparkling little gifts they are.

  • David_Jay

    While Jewish theology contains a history of sages and ancients contemplating on "Olam Ha Ba," or the World to Come, there is little to no focus on it. Many Jews do not even subscribe to the notion at all and accept that this life is all that there is.

    The concepts of "belief" and "faith" were introduced into Judaism during the Middle Ages by Maimonides who felt it was necessary to fortify Jewish theology with such facts as a bulwark to counter Protestant proselytizing. WIth the birth of Zionism in modern times, Judiasm began to slowly retreat to pre-Maimonides concepts in these areas. Except when speaking to Christians and other Westerners, these days Jews rarely refer to their own convictions as beliefs or as holding them with faith since Judaism is a religion of practice, not of mental assent to theological concepts of creeds as one must do in Christianity.

    In view of that, even where a Jew fully accepts the concept of Olam Ha Ba, it is not a focus. One does not "believe" or have "faith" in such things in Judaism, and little to nothing is known about the future in Judaism so we spend no time concentrating our efforts preparing our lives to live there.

    Instead the principal of "Tikklun Olam," the healing of the world, plays foremost in the daily life of Jews. The keeping of Torah by performing mitzvah (the Hebrew word means both "commandment"and "blessing") is a way of bringing practical ways of benefit to the world. Instead of concentrating on living to get into Heaven or the coming world, Jews concentrate on making the most of life now and tending the world around them (as if they were like Adam, still assigned to tend the Garden of Eden). Being here, alive now is the miracle to be thankful for, not hoping and working to get into Heaven someday and escape the reality of death which must come to us all, you and me.

    Tomorrow is not promised. We Jews do not know if our sages and prophets are right. Even if they are, we cannot earn our place in Olam Ha Ba. As the Jewish saying goes, if you see a problem in the world that means you have been gifted to help solve that problem. But if all you do is complain about the problem that you see, you not only deny your gift to solve it but make the matter worse by becoming part of the problem yourself.

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