How to find someone you lost contact with

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  • rebel8

    Is there an app for that? ;)

    Seriously, in this day and age, there has to be a way to find someone you lost contact with. I know, Facebook...but I'm having no luck there. This person is probably going by a different name now and ran away from home (I think permanently) to get away from dubs I think.

    I do not want to post a name in the open forum.

    I pretty much know approximate age, old name, gender and I could probably recognize a photo. That's all I've got.

    I can't be the only one. Cults split friends and relatives apart. Is there anything available that works, kind of like a bulletin board for adoptees looking for their bio parents?

  • just fine
    just fine

    I don't know of any app's. I have found some people on LinkedIn or that weren't on Facebook. Classmates sometimes is a good place to find out someone's married name and then you can find them from there.

  • talesin
    There used to be a website where exJWS could register their name. You could look through lists alphabetically. It's how I found out my cousins had left the cult, and I got in touch with them. I've been looking for it, but that was about 10 years ago. It's harder to find people online now, than it used to be. If they have a landline, you may find them in a 411 directory - but as you said, different name ...
  • kaik
    Also some people can be deceased. While there is possibility to search people by various Death Index record, etc, it will not always turn a result if person remarried and died in different state. Also in this age, people move outside their native countries, or retire abroad.
  • smiddy

    If you have an idea where they live you can refer to the telephone directory and if they are listed BINGO.

    I have found some old acquaintances that way., not that it was very productive mind you.

    Another way is to look up the Electoral roll , witnesses may not vote however it is law to be on the roll.

    These are public records for anyone to view .


  • talesin
    Marriages are a public record, too.
  • JRK

    Try just typing the name into Google. It might just get you somewhere.


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